Monday, October 13, 2014

RETURNING: The Goldbergs: Recording the Radio

Pops wanting a fake ID so that a fellow senior would see him as a few years younger was precious! In fact, I really enjoyed the whole B-story much more than Adam’s failure at progressing his relationship with Dana. However, it was fun to have some more 80s music references on the show, and I also really like it airing after The Middle, so I have high hopes for a great season. I do, however, think that a few changes are going to have to be made… I think one thing that would help the show would be additional settings. Last season the bulk of the series seemed to take place in the Goldberg home. Now, that’s not a bad thing, but going to the schools, Murray’sstore, local hangouts, etc. would be more fun. I understand it’s tough to do with a period show (laser light locale isn’t as tough as a vintage arcade, for instance), but I think it would spice it up a bit, don’t you?
The Goldbergs "Love Is a Mix Tape" (S02E01): It’s September 4th, 1980something, and Adam makes a mixtape for Dana, but Beverly thinks it's for her. [that’s the most awkward thing ever!!] She makes it clear that Adam is her favorite child, so he can't come clean… until Beverly plays the tape when Dana is in the car. But it only gets worse from there! Adam makes a "sorry" tape, but neither Dana nor Beverly accept it. [why doesn’t Adam turn to Pops at this point?!?] Pops helps Bev understand that Adam is growing up, and she helps Adam with Dana by breaking into the control booth at the local laser lights show and altering the images to include the names "Adam" and "Dana" on a heart. [um, I’m not 100% sure, but I think that those things took a long time to input back in those days, so that never would’ve worked.]

When Barry learns that Erica has a fake ID, he demands one, only to brag about it too much at school and get it confiscated, moments after promising a senior he'll pick up ten cases of beer for a party. [I really loved that Barry didn’t know how much beer that was!!] Barry tries to get Murray to help him out, then resorts to taking his father’s ID, not knowing that the cashier knows his father. [ha! Isn’t that like rule #1 of having a fake ID – use it out of town??] Barry blows the beer money on sandwiches, hoping to be seen as a "hero," but Murray shows up and pretends to take beer away from him so he can save a little face. [yay, Murray!]
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