Friday, October 9, 2009

South Park is back...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk: no new episode this week.


The Simpsons
: some funny lines. I would never in a million years have thought to get a teacher drunk when I was in the fourth grade.. I'm not sure if this is just a sign of the times or if I wasn't creative enough at a young age, or if FOX is starting to go too far.

Family Guy: haha, Quagmire really didn't know that there was porn on the internet, lmao. but the main point of the episode on Judaism was only mildly entertaining.... bah.

American Dad: funny Little Mermaid skit in the beginning. whyyyyyy are Roger and Klaus wearing s&m clothes for hiking?? this was actually pretty funny... with the role-playing games and such. and water park inside the mansion? amazing. I want one in my house now, LoL.

How I Met Your Mother: um, what is Lily wearing with the red 70s designs? and strange blondish highlights in her decidedly red hair. I love that Ted is teaching Barney how to date Robin, LoL. I'm even more in love with ADD NPH than I am on a regular basis. <3 style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">

Lincoln Heights: oh, dreams. starting with Tay the DJ, LoL. Why does he think that he's entitled to so much money at all? It clearly needs to go to the parents and the house and such... especially since they got ripped off by the FEMA scam. And... he's so influenced... using a credit card of a stranger with only a slight chance there's any chance he'll be able to pay it off?? I love how "good" Lizzie is, she's just a shining star sometimes. And she genuinely cares about the kids. I get weirded out that Charles and Cassie have things to say to each other first thing in the morning at school... why don't they talk to eachother on their cellphones before bed, LoL? Especially since later Charles says, "we're gonna talk and text constantly." Why wouldn't Lizzie put the bear much higher if it was subject to being stolen??!? When did the Sutton's house get a fence? Why does Lizzie think it's okay to take a kid away from a sitter's house without permission? Um, big problem. Cassie and Charles get REALLY dressed up to meet his father... but I guess it's a big occasion for them. Cassie.... c'mon now... "better for the environment" to share a bed? worst.excuse.ever. um, protection? Um, school just started... how is Charles going to leave for "a week, two weeks," forever? I guess just live in Santa Barbara permanently.... boo. I want him on the show regularly. Why in the hell is the bear stuffed with drugs?? and WHY doesn't Lizzie call her dad about what to do!!?? Unless that's going to be the start of next week...

House, M.D.: interesting opening with the subpoena. "you two are both competent" -really, Foreman? That's your line to win over Chase and Cameron? Love how Cameron's first words to House were "you look good," haha. and I definitely didn't realize that olestra could be a medication... I thought it was just that bad diuretic they put in chips for a while, LoL. Why would "cooking smells" waft down a floor?? I didn't really care for this character for James Earl Jones, either. And I realllly hated the neighbor in Wilson's apartment building. I had forgotten that Cameron's first name was "Allison" ... thanks, Chase. Speaking of which, what are we doing... killing off ALL of the characters? Now Chase kills someone, let's see him get caught and go to jail.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: really... Kate, the biggest Type-A ever, is having an organizer come in?? AND, didn't we do this once before, last house? Why does she have 8 million bottles of laundry detergent? Did whoever sponsors her give her a year's worth all at once, LoL? And this episode had to happen while Kate's best friend from Michigan was visiting?? Kate has an elliptical AND a treadmill, ok. But she's never had/used a label maker before, no. Why isn't Kate donating the toys? She mentioned they're just "trash." The twins' calendars were really cute... maybe I'll do something like that for my future babies. :) why do do you need labels for the "toilet paper" shelf? Will you ever have it empty for so long that you forget what goes there? no. Why did Kate hitting herself in the leg make the edits? Kinda neat that Kate took Cara and Medy to the Jonas Brothers concert. I wonder what venue they went to, since they live in the middle of nothing... maybe Pittsburgh or Philly, which dates this episode July 23-25. which makes a big gap before next week, which we know will be the sextuplets' first day of kindergarten. final thoughts: that is SOOOOO much storage space! geez.

18 Kids and Counting: I was expecting the opening to start including the new "one on the way" this week... since it's been announced for a full month now, but I guess not. Jill was sporting a new haircut... I didn't like it. It was nice to see one of the younger boys helping to get stuff together (he was sorting dresses or something?). It was really nice to see all the younger photos of the kids, I've been wanting an episode like this for a long time. Wow, engagement after just five months! "I wish I would've waited like Josh did" haha. AND a Christmas Eve proposal... cute. I can't believe how many buttons that dress had... I would've gone crazy. I had a zipper with a hook-and-eye at the top, that was good. I actually liked Michelle's dress, considering the sleeves and neckline "requirement."
I took note of what Michelle had to say about each kid, that was fun.
Josh - "I like him." haha.
John-David - mellow.
Jana - high energy. chatterbox toned down as she grew up.
Jill - sweet.
Jessa - "a little spunky thing." "made us learn a lot more about parenting." "so smart."
Jinger - Michelle really only talked about the birth, since it was a good home birth... but nothing notable about the child. :(
Joseph - man of few words. hard worker. muscle.
Josiah - people person. creative.
Joy Anna - tough.
Jedidiah - deep thinker.
Jeremiah - (I never realized how different he looks from ALL the other boys! except maaaaybe James. he was a very different face) loves to draw.
Jason - funny one-liners.
James - Michelle really seems to like his looks, haha. She talked about how cute he is a LOT. But later Michelle mentioned that he can make Jennifer laugh, LoL.
Justin - Michelle only mentioned the birth, again. :(
Jackson - Michelle mentioned he was "a jumping jack" in the womb, but other than that, nothing about his personality.
Johannah - JOSH described her as active and daring. nothing from Michelle.
Jennifer - nada.
Jordyn-Grace - unless you want to count "sweet and precious," nothing here, either.

Table for 12: no new episodes this week.

South Park: well, given the typical storylines, it makes sense that they'd try and cover everything that happened since the last new episode in April. And mix it with The Sixth Sense and cute little Ike. nice. plus some really bad Ghost Hunters. The "spooky doctor" had waaaaay too much airtime. Michael "in denial of everything" was kinda dumb. and then he embodied Ike.... cr@p. and some Toddlers and Tiaras for good measure. the "baggage" joke was the best.
Featured celebrities included: Billy Mays (the Chipotle jab was funny). Farrah Fawcett. David Carradine. Ed McMahon. Walter Cronkite (voice only). Michael Jackson (voice only). Bea Arthur (only by sight). Patrick Swayze. Liam Neeson's wife (only by sight)

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Sidenote: I think that the little boy on the newest Disneyland commercial is the same kid who plays Gabriel on Lincoln Heights.
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Off season:
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (January 2010)
Cake Boss
Little People, Big World (October 19th)
The Goode Family (waiting to be picked up again)

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also, I'm up for taking requests for new shows to start covering. :)
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