Sunday, January 9, 2011

First News of the New Year

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When Teen Mom returns to MTV in January, the four girls being profiled from the second season will be Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn, and Leah. From looking at my own reviews, I hated Kailyn. She was the one who flew to Texas to see her dad (her mom lives with a crappy boyfriend in a hotel), came back, and the babydaddy sucks (well, I guess that one isn't a defining characteristic, LoL). Leah was the one with the girl-girl twins, and there was a lot of captioning since they all talk so mountain-y. She had the babies early and they spent three weeks in the NICU. She went back to school and got right back in to Homecoming, etc. Jenelle is a party-girl, even after she has the baby. Her episode didn't start until 34 weeks (very late for 16 and Pregnant), she has an alcoholic babydaddy. I don't seem to have anything on Chelsea except the wrap-up for some reason...

Alexis and Collin Gosselin were allegedly expelled from their private school for violence. Apparently they each spent three weeks trying to get their behavior under control and it didn't work.

And, Kate Gosselin's 2011 Resolution is to date again.

SyFy canceled Stargate Universe, though there are ten episodes left to be broadcast in Spring.

The Good Guys also got canceled. I had only just met someone who watched it last weekend, so I believe that it wasn't all that popular, LoL.

Will Smith is developing a crime drama for FOX, and it's going to be set in China. Weird, huh?

A lot went down with Amber from Teen Mom in the past month. For starters, she was put in jail, posted a $5,000 bond, held for a day, pleaded not guilty, and was barred from seeing Leah, her daughter. It came out later that she was only barred from seeing Gary, not Leah.

TRON:Legacy is doing well, and there's a spin-off TV series coming. It's looking to be 10 parts, next summer, and will be a continued mythology.

Hardcore Pawn got renewed for a third season over on TruTV... another show that I never even knew about, LoL.

WE TV renewed Downsized for a second season.

SpongeBob SquarePants was renewed for a ninth season. Personally, I thought this show had been on for like 15 years, since my sister was really into it when she was a kid, and she's only 20 now... so I guess it only began when she was in middle school??

Betty White announced that she doesn't want to host SNL again.

There's not going to be a television special about Michael Jackson's autopsy after all.

FOX has decided not to do the 24 movie, but maybe someone else will.

An upcoming episode of NCIS will focus on Tony's life before joining the team, including his work as a Baltimore cop.

SyFy has a new competition show coming up, with 12 makeup artists. It's called Face Off and premieres Wednesday, January 26th at 10pm.

Buddy Valastro has been CRAZY busy lately! A daytime show to focus on his Italian cooking starts Monday, January 24th on TLC (though it will regularly run at 5:30pm), and is called Kitchen Boss. 40 episodes have been ordered. Plus, his original show, Cake Boss, will start its fourth season on January 31st (9pm).

The Young & The Restless is the #1 soap opera in the country for the 22nd year.

CMT's first scripted series premieres Working Class on January 28th at 8pm. That's a Friday night, folks.

HBO is doing a special for The Pee-Wee Herman Show, to air sometime this year.
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