Friday, October 15, 2010

Cake Boss Back

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
"I must not write all over the walls" being all over the walls was amusing. Freaky intro with the slave labor in the cave. I felt for Lisa when she met the Yale graduate.... every time I answer a question and the responder says "and..." repeatedly, I get flustered and my low self-esteem dominates. Lisa getting the positions wrong was strange, since it happened twice AND you'd think that, even not being interested in sports, the scholar in her would know the basics... I feel like she's been to a game before, no? Love how Lisa found a way to use statistics in baseball... much like so many characters find geometry useful in billiards. What's the difference between a "coach" and a "manager" in baseball? Long roller coaster ride. Lisa's elaborate signs for "I'm glad you finally respect me" and stuff was odd. hehehe, "if he makes it, that's my son!" LoL.

Family Guy (S09E03):
The ships show was odd. Was with Alaska? What? Walrus fighters, huh? hehe, I was half-expecting Carter to hit Babs when he ran into the ballroom at the wedding. The "turn the Ms to Ws" thing was strange. Peter spitting out his food was gross. The strange comment that Carter made about taking Lois's temperature made me wonder whether he raped Lois as a child. Limo joust? If they got going that quickly and for so long, they must have been too far apart to hear one another shouting at the beginning. Love how Carter had to go to France and broadcast Peter's opinions. The catchphrases were strange. The three girls liking Carter was weird, but I liked how they all threw their drinks at him at the same time. A nice, slow, "Bird is the Word" song was cute. ha. "I'm too old to re-marry, so try to gain my trust again" "That sounds like a lot of work. Go to hell" LoL.

Kate Plus Eight
(S01Exx): not this week.

Cake Boss (S03E16): on the heel of Italy's boot. 5 hours AFTER the plane?!? It sounds fast that it was only 7 hours to fly from NY to Italy... I call shenanigans. 7 tiers?!? who says "absolutely not" to "how about 4 tiers," LoL? I like how Buddy told us it was symbolism... in case we didn't get that, LoL. heh... he never learned to make breads... interesting. haha, and they threw a baby shower cake at him, too. Sometimes I don't like those generalizations like "what pregnant woman doesn't like chocolate?" They weren't big fans of the room, so I'm glad that they offered up something else for them. Wow, using a scale with a rock to measure! Does Mauro speak better Italian than Buddy all of a sudden? The way they were playing up the "future baby" thing in the previews and in the early parts of the episode was interesting. Why was Mauro afraid of riding a scooter?? I like how he rode in his baker's uniform, not plain vacation clothes. Buddy's only 33... I keep forgetting that. Nice how we got both the history of "Bartolo" and "Buddy." Flour, butter, and white wine... interesting cookie ingredients. They're always doing things under the "hope mom doesn't find out" mindset... doesn't she watch the show AT ALL, LoL?? Mauro was totally afraid of the scooters, LoL! Buddy's overconfidence about fishing was funny. I mean, he lives in Hoboken... where does he fish, LoL?? That detail on the wedding cake was absolutely GORGEOUS! Wow. a wedding parade. how neat! Um, were the bride and groom taught to say those two phrases for the camera, LoL?? Ahhh! We didn't even see the scene that has the fountain wish teaser! boo! Overall, I did like how we learned about various Italian bakery techniques.

Little People, Big World (S06Exx): not this week, episode 9 of the season back next week.

House, M.D. (S07E04): Strange opening - I'm curious to see how the thunderstorm and the door affect the outcome of the patient. New doc is a psych specialist. "Shameron," haha. hahahaha, "Cameron had much smaller breasts... and by which I mean she was smarter." I'm surprised Wilson called Rachel "the kid." oooh... stolen identity... this could be interesting. I wonder if it's more of a "witness protection program" thing... LOVED the Wizard of Oz allusion. She was married to a freaky guy. And, not true witness protection... more of a DIY thing, LoL. Interesting theory Foreman suggested to Chase. I don't think House should have used "sad ending" there, LoL. I don't understand why the "editor" of the paper thing makes such a big difference either way. I like how Foreman called Chase on his cell phone with the update... they don't usually do that. haha, House found a picture of Chase with his mother. House got Cuddy a prostitute masseuse! hahahahaha. I loved how well he was able to know what she was going to say, too. I called schizophrenic about ten seconds before House did, LoL. I like how House asked for sex in lieu of cable, LoL. And Cuddy was quite to agree. Wasn't a big fan of how Kelly came around to Chase in the end, LoL. Funny that Rachel latched onto the cane.

How I Met Your Mother (S06E04): haha,
"face. that's your strangest nickname for 'boobs' yet," LoL. Why do so many people see Maury Povich? LOVED how they all said something different for "You're not a real New Yorker until..." I don't agree that Robin could possibly know the city the best. "Stay sad, I'll be back" was classic Barney. The opening segment as a whole really intrigued me, and I was on the edge of my seat, trying to decide who to root for. At first I was a little thrown when they showed the map and everyone was running in entirely different directions, but then I remembered that some cities are like that. For instance, if there's traffic in Tallahassee, go the opposite direction, I promise you there's a better way to get there than what you think would be quickest. I've surprised about a dozen people with little tricks to navigate that circular capital, LoL. Mini-Marshall messing with Lily was funny. "I grew up here. I speak conductor" was awesome. ewww... a Bing spotlight. Love how Ted's seatmate faked sleeping, haha. The whole teacher-reviews-as-movie-reviews montage was cute. Barney's heart attack was a little unbelievable, but whatever. I bet an ambulance would've been a good idea. LOVED how the woman Robin stole a cab from JUMPED ON THE HOOD. Seeing Ranjit and hearing Marshall's song back-to-back was awesome. haha, Barney picked up Robin. Even the bus driver didn't want to hear Ted's facts! I was a little sad that we gave up seeing Lily's methods (tho I guess she just ran, too?) I burst out laughing when they decide to call it a tie, then everyone split again to race back to the bar! The rickshaw/pedicab was an awesome idea, but when Barney switched to peddling, I about fell off my chair. Lily in the subway car with Robin was weird, and her making fun of Robin was bad, but when she phoned Ranjit, I got excited again. Marshall thinking that the machines had won when he saw the calculator was awesome. I like how Barney tackled Ted. The only thing I don't get about this episode is how they're "heading back to the bar," but end up back at the steakhouse again...??

Melissa & Joey (S01E10):
early dig at Joey not having hair. Speaking of which, I loved Mel's in the opening scene. Were they going for as ethnically diverse as possible with Lennox's friends? HA on the "it's so pretty... does it come with an agenda?" Pantyhose with peep-toe shoes?? NO. hahaha, "can't be conveniently threaded together." I didn't like the red dress of Mel's. Loved that she batted that pig-in-a-blanket out of the mayor's hand. hahaha!! So... Joey is Mel's trainer now, too? It's MONA!! kinda funny. "great-grand-cougar" was AMAZING! Funny that Mel totally has a double-standard on Lennox's friends. Using a hotplate, good times. I was impressed that Lennox left a drinking/pot gathering... I totally would've pegged her as a "joiner." I wonder how much longer until we have an episode where Mel and Joey both try to teach her how to drive. Smart of Brett to tell his dad that it was all Lennox's fault. haha, Monda blurted out the email-snooping! That was LOW of Lennox to post Mel's secret on twitter!

19 Kids and Counting (S05E12): Jennifer isn't saying much these days. Strange shot of Erin Bates playing the piano outside. Nice that Jessa and Jinger were allowed to go on a trip with just other girls... no male chaperones! Erin's arrangement was pretty, but the beginning was just too high for so long! Overall, it was gorgeous! I hope that girl has opportunities to play beyond her home church, LoL! I really wanted to hear the name or catch a glimpse of the logo for this conference. What was Priscilla doing in Chicago? She didn't go to the conference, she was just there for sightseeing day... odd. I liked the pop-up that Chicago has more restaurants than Tonitown has people. I feel like they were trying hard to make Jessa and Jinger indistinguishable, LoL. I thought it was a dumb fact that you can't see the Duggars' house from the tallest building in Springtown (or whatever the actual pop-up said). Why WOULDN'T you try the ledge on the Willis Tower?!?! I thought it was rude that the group was taking so much time trying to get out onto the ledge when there were obviously tons of people waiting. "and I'm sure it has a lot of calories" LoL. I'm kinda curious, in the end, as to how Michaela and Erin chose Jessa and Jinger... I guess maybe they just get along better? Because, age-wise, they wouldn't be the Duggars I'd match them with, LoL. Sidenote, we don't see Jana and JoyAnna in this episode, so I'm not sure what they were up to.
Teen Mom (S02E12): [season finale]
Catelynn: 8 hours to West Virginia... dang, I thought they were closer for some reason. Why did Catelynn's mom say "don't forget about me" ?? I love ExcitedTyler. That's a REALLY weird photo to have on the cover of the scrapbook for Carly. The recordable book was really cool. I think that was just the perfect gift for an adopted daughter! Tyler looked so cute with Carly... mush cuter than Catelynn. Cute ending focused on them looking at one another in bed.
Maci: Ryan thought he was being slick changing the agreement and not telling Maci until she went to sign it.
The look on her dad's face when Maci said she and Kyle broke up and that she's staying in Nashville anyway was interesting. Although, I must admit, I don't understand why she wants to stay there... she's talked about how lonely she is there. Ryan's nonchalance at the mediation bothered me. Ryan came out of nowhere with asking Maci if she thinks they should be together!
Farrah: Her mom is implying that Farrah picks really bad people to date when she talks about how she wants him to meet Julian, LoL. He seems just as weirded out by the setup as she does. I totally didn't like his shirt. Um, I bet Julian's dad knew Farrah had a kid, so I bet he told Julian. Farrah's mom was totally being realistic with the renting paperwork, Farrah was just being a brat. ugh. Farrah crying is so annoying.
Amber: She's teaching her daughter to answer the door for strangers??!? haha, Amber guessed where he was. HAHAHA, Gary took off when she showed up! I hate whiny Amber. I think Gary is a little obsessive about having no guys change Leah.
Better With You (S01E04): haha, the first fight is over Casey being a couple hours late. The 47th fight is about yet another infomercial purchase by Ben. The 829th fight is about not falling asleep with a book. I totally think Ben had the best reason to cause a fight. ouch! Ben is anti-board games, tho! Boo! :( I'm kinda glad there's a semi-real theme song, LoL. I LOVE how Mom wants a big wedding, not caring that dad wants a modest affair. I love how flattery gets Maddie every time. lmao on the crossword puzzle, bottle-shattering, fake Mia event. haha, "1/2 of every pair I own." whoa... the prescription tennis goggles for someone just taking lessons?? How serious can she be? punching bunnies = bad. Why did Ben have issues hearing the nude theory and why does Maddie want to show Casey & Mia how to fight, LoL? hahaha, the mom wants the rehearsal dinner someplace where she's feeling the alcohol by the second drink. I did like how she figured out what the dad was up to and just ran out of the restaurant! "no, I never factor stuff in," LoL. Nice that Casey was protective of Maddie rather than gawking at her, too. Never would've guessed that Maddie would be naked in public, though. Who told the parents about the naked thing?? Zachary Taylor??!? How old is that hotel??!?

South Park
(S14E09): I had a hard time figuring out if they were saying "muff cabbage" or "muff garbage" because of the accents, LoL. So, for stereotypes we have women calling everyone b!tch3s, everyone's skin is orange, they shave their eyebrows, and shrug off everything with "it's a Jersey thing." ha! Everything East of the Rockies is Jersey -- "Gulf of JerseyMexico" and "St. Louis, New Jersey" were my favorites. I thought it was funny that they say that they can control themselves unless they're around others from Jersey, because my Jersey accent comes out when I'm around other Jersey natives, LoL. I hardly notice it, but my husband is quick to point it out. So... Kyle's inner Hersey self made him do his hair and clothes like he's from Jersey... but he thinks he can hide it anyway?? Nice Teen Wolf throwback. haha, hoagies in Japan. I froze at the first Al-Qaeda comment, and was even more surprised when they "came through" just to fly planes into them. And I don't know that they should have been thanking Osama. heh... Snookie as Golem was creepy, but I about changed the channel when it started raping Cartman. Overall, not the best episode.

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Off season/Coming Up:

16 and Pregnant (October 26th, 10pm, MTV)
Burn Notice (back November 11)
Futurama (back November 21)
Hot in Cleveland (season 3 to start in January)
Mr. Sunshine (starts in January on ABC)
Minute to Win It (season 3 to start...)
Wipeout (season 4 back next summer)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not sure)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
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Kelly said...

I meant to comment on this last week but I forgot. In HIMYM, when they all meet up in the middle of the episode, they are all halfway there. They just stop because they don't know how they could all be tied. They are still racing to the destination.

Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

Thanks, Kelly. This was pointed out to me on another blog as well. I think I missed Ted saying "we were halfway there" just before they met up, and then when they said "guess we can go back to the bar" I didn't realize they were kidding, LoL.