Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fashion Cakes; Leah's Married; Jenelle Jailed

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Unscripted commentaries this week include: Cake Boss19 Kids and Counting, Teen Mom 2, and Wipeout.

Cake Boss (S04E11): I love Isaac Mizrahi! Fashion Week. wow... 7 cakes for him is a LOT! I liked the renderings pretty well. Because models will be carrying them, they're being made of styrofoam instead of real cakes, to save 40 pounds or so, LoL. We see the brushed embroidery technique again. Grace being in charge of putting together the online catalogue was a good idea... except she's kind of a fanatic, LoL. I loved the sequined cake that Sunshine made! Buddy has a hernia. :(  He'll need surgery and he'll need to be out of work for a few weeks.   

19 Kids and Counting (S06E12): It's not just Jonathan, apparently there's a second "exchange student," Jennifer. They are brother & sister. There's still Christmas lights up. haha, they gather the kids together for a "special announcement" where Josh asks if it's a pregnancy and Jana concentrates on Josie to avoid having to give her expression, LoL. But the announcement is just the Bates coming, LoL. (they live about 12 hours apart.) haha, a "snipe hunt." They do it as a prank on Jonathan. The Bates are up to 18 children, between 4 months and 22 years, if you're wondering, LoL. 42 people staying in the Duggar house, and poor Jennifer is shocked. AGAIN with the push of Bates and Duggars marrying one another. They zoom in on a few of the older kids on both sides, hahaha! "From Jason on down, we have to check on them" ... um, okay. Just trust everyone over 10, LoL. George Washington Carver as "one of the greatest scientists ever" ... way to try to teach, JimBob. That "generous" comment about the Bates since they gave the cold was dumb. 400 cough drops a season! wow. 13 out of 18 Bates are sick. 11 our of 19 Duggars got sick. The parents made it through okay. Oil of oregano or elderberry juice... interesting remedies, Grandma Duggar! Only a 4 days visit because of the sickness. And Michelle giving a bit of a wrap-up of recent episodes was unexpected. This was the winter wrap-up, apparently.

Teen Mom 2 (S01E12): I think that it's clear that everyone is on their own timeline now, since Leah's still only just getting married, and it's definitely been a little longer for Jenelle, etc. 
Jenelle: breaking & entering & marijuana possession charges. Shouldn't have have been in that house they weren't supposed to be in. She calls her mom to ask her if she can come home, and her mom tells her that she can, but she better start putting Jace first. Kieffer did cocaine, LoL. And it makes Jenelle wonder why she dated him. This amuses me, since she sees marijuana as not a real big deal. Kieffer keeps calling Jenelle, but she won't bail him out. $790 is what Jenelle charged to her mom's card. She owes $395 immediately. Jenelle's mom says that she doesn't feel loved by her. After a couple days, Jenelle decides to bail out Kieffer. She misses him. She needs to keep it a secret from her mom. But, since Jenelle isn't 21, she had to get a friend to co-sign. 
Kailyn: Mediation time! nothing too exciting there.   
Chelsea: Leopard-print and pink as a theme for a first birthday? 
Leah:Seeing Leah without makeup at the salon was a nice change. Drinking Monster on her wedding day, haha. Corey's dad gave him a really cute and inspiring talk. Corey looked SO nervous at the altar! And then he cried. She looked pretty nervous, too. It just amuses me, since I wasn't nervous, just excited. Leah's laughter was kinda a downer. But maybe that's just her personality so it wouldn't look weird later looking back on it. cute kiss! :)  Adorable dance with them holding the girls!
[next week is the season finale special]

Wipeout (S04E11): Farmer John Henson, LoL. Scarecase, spring-a-vator, big balls, spring fling with diving board, and Wipeout Kitchen make up the Qualifier today. Scarecase is really funny, since there are multiple ways to get knocked off, haha. It made for the most amusing part of the Qualifier. Next round we have the Scare-ou-sel with the yellow and red danglers. Moving on... then we have the Wipeout Coliseum, from dizzy dummy to diving board to rotating platform to bouncing platform to crankshaft to knee-sweeper to spinning platform to the end. LabRat did a neat thing on the crankshaft - he got caught on a part of it and almost rode it completely over, LoL. WipeoutZone today features the springshot to the over-and-out to the point break (aka the spinning slide) to the coin toss. Karen finished in 13:54. Sliding off the slide early was LabRat's issue, losing him some time, but he did finish with 6:39, impressive!! The final contestant had a great chance when she got to the coin toss, but took a bad fall, and on her last chance, she hesitated and then ran out of time. 

[season finale May 19, but will be back June 16th... but looks like it'll be moving to Tuesdays starting June 21st]
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Off season/Coming Up:
Kate Plus Eight (Season 2 returns on April 4th at 10pm)
16 and Pregnant
(Tuesday, April 19th at 10pm)
The Unpoppables (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Teen Mom (no idea)
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