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Pregnant in Heels Begins; Teen Mom 2 about Over; Kate in Australia

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

These posts are changing format just a little. Instead of just commentaries, I'm going to do a synopsis and then put my thoughts in brackets as I go along. Unscripted shows this week include: Cake Boss, Kate Plus Eight, Teen Mom 2, and Pregnant in Heels.

Cake Boss (S04E12): "Tulips, Taxes and Take it Easy." We start off with Buddy and Lisa going in to find out about what will be involved in the hernia operation he needs to have. He's worried about missing time from work. It'll be 2 weeks (maybe 4) before he can lift more than 20 pounds... Lisa's worried about that. They try to convince him that he needs to take this seriously. He's really only planning on one week. They do a quality-control test on a brown derby cake - a chocolate cake with whipped cream filling and various fruits. They're thinking of bringing it into the Carlo's rotation. Michael the accountant comes in (and it's clear that we're sometime in February or March) and wants a cake for his employees. They break out the brown derby cake for this one. Bananas, strawberries, pineapples, peach jam... [sounds great!] Ralph makes the life-size accountant. He tries to combine various stressed-out expressions to come up with a good one. The Philadelphia Flower Show calls, and they want an eight-layer cake with botanically-correct flowers. [I wasn't in love with the rendering for the flower cake] Dana learns to make flowers from the girls. Buddy brings in Betty, an expert in sugar flowers, to help the crew learn to make a ton of new flowers. [peonies really do look hard to make!!!] The guys make some jokes about Buddy's hernia. And, although he's not supposed to, he helps lift heavy cakes anyway. [I liked the look of the wood grain on the desk. The tax man is looking better and better! even the eyebrow detail was amazing!!]There's a problem with the height of the accountant, but they fix it by wedging a 2x4 underneath the chair or something. Betty teaches daffodils. Buddy isn't feeling well (hernia again), and eventually goes home, leaving the rest of the team in charge of finishing.
[next week will be St. Patrick's Day and Buddy's surgery] Mauro takes control of placing the flowers on the cake. Danny helps him. [the finished product looks nice, tho I prefer it without the lights. The tax cake just looked SO well done!!] Buddy knows he shouldn't be helping move this cake, but he does anyway, and ends up in a lot of pain. Buddy and Lisa have Betty over for dinner, and we all see the baby again. [overall, interesting that they did cakes for Fashion Week last week and for Flower Week this week, haha]

Kate Plus Eight (S02E02): "Australia Adventure" [might need to re-name this as S02E01, since sources seem to differ on whether the Halloween episode was the start of Season 2, or if it was just a stand-alone special]
Kate has always wanted to go to Australia. She talks about when they got the passports in 2009, and she has the kids learn where the photo page is in their individual passports. They left on December 28th. Ashley and another helper came on this trip. Philly to LAX, and they kept the kids awake. Leah gets a nosebleed in LA. [I'm tired of seeing Kate in heels EVERYWHERE] Half of the kids were asleep before they took off for Sydney, a 15-hour flight (thought they said 11, 12, and 13 as well, LoL). Sydney is 14 hours ahead of our Eastern Timezone. [I don't like the orange banners with white writing] Each of the kids got a chance to talk to Jon on the phone when they landed in Australia. Day 2 of the trip was Bondi Beach, on New Year's Eve. The water was cold. A mother with quads came over to Kate and talked to her for a few minutes - three are identical, and one is fraternal... interesting. [Kate's comment that speedos should be outlawed was disturbing and rude] Cara surfed. Then they took a boomerang-throwing lesson at Dudley Page Reserve Park. [Kate's white platform sandals weren't thrilling, either] Aaden did well. Kate did a New Year's Eve party in the hotel, then they went to the city fireworks at the Dudley Page park again. [Kate's dress looked like it belonged on Dancing with the Stars] Sydney is the first major city in the world to celebrate the New Year each year. 4.5 tons of fireworks are used each year in the New Year's Celebration. Alexis twisted her knee a bit. On Day 3 they went to Port Lincoln, a small fishing village (where they filmed the underwatrer scenes in Jaws) where Kate planned to shark-cage-dive. [Was Kate alone on that boat??] Ashley [and, I assume, the secret babysitter as well] watched ti kids while Kate did this. Kate was more worried about the water than the shark. The coldness of the water shocked her. Kate freaked out about water being in her mask. [A banner on the bottom of the screen stated that "The Southern Ocean became the fifth world ocean in 2000." um, what? I was still in high school then, so I feel like they should have covered that if it were true. I have heard that we're separating the "Arctic Ocean" and the "Antarctic Ocean" now (although they never touched), and I was okay with that idea... but this "Southern Ocean" thing came out of nowhere. ETA: I looked this up, and apparently "Antarctic Ocean" is the same as "Southern Ocean," with the latter being the official title. the history of declaring the ocean is rather unique, and it's technically not official even now, LoL] After 8 hours on the boat, they gave up, since you can't make the sharks come to you. Kate fished a bit, which apparently she loves. She brought back enough to make for dinner, which was cool. Then they went to Perinth South for an aboriginal experience. They've been in Australia for at least 50,000 years, so they're a mega-old culture. They also tried camping again. Kate was worried about snakes... [but there are over 2700 species of spiders in Australia, so I'd be more afraid of them! Also, the one aborigine wearing jean shorts was weird, LoL] Cool evening show to demonstrate their ceremonial dances and such. [That was a really big tent they had!!!]

Teen Mom 2 (S01E13): "Finale: Check Up with Dr. Drew" 
Jenelle: She's not working at the moment. She and Kieffer are not together anymore, and Jenelle feels that he used her. Her mom comes on and talks about how Jenelle never thanks her for anything. Dr. Drew asks her mom to say two things that she admires about her, besides she's beautiful and intelligent, since that's what she said last time. She can't come up with anything, and eventually goes with "strong person" and "ambitious." She has no third thing to say, and says that Jenelle isn't lovable because she's not kind. [we never see Jenelle's brother and sister... what's the situation with them??] Jenelle asks to stop this topic, so Dr. Drew changes it. She asks Kailyn what the most difficult part of filming is, and Kailyn says not having a stable place to live made her feel more vulnerable on-tape. 
Kailyn: She's trying to keep it all together. She's upset about the horrible things Jo says to her. [Jordan wore some REALLY bright shoes!] She and Jordan are in love. She tried the pill again, but she forgets, so she's on the IUD now. Jo expects that they'll get married in the future. [Jo is really acting like he cares a ton, etc.] Kailyn, Jo, and his mom argue about everything from how Jo acted during the pregnancy to what he thinks of her now.  
Chelsea: She's still working in her GED. She seems to be back with Adam as well. again. They need to get some therapy. Late in the show, she asks Leah how she deals with two babies... Leah says that she just takes it day by day. [Chelsea's hair is so ridiculously ugly and messy here!] 
Leah: She was afraid that Cory would leave her if they got married, and that would hit much harder. She has an IUD to prevent future pregnancy. Cory is much more comfortable caring for the babies now.Late in the show, she asks Chelsea how to deal with her dad and Adam... the answer is that she just avoids them together.

[season finale, but next week we have "unseen moments"]

Pregnant in Heels (S01E01): "Rosie Pope, Maternity Concierge."  So I picked this up kinda randomly. The premise just sounded different. Rosie Pope exists to help "million dollar mamas in Manhattan" with services for maternity and parenthood. Madison & E 93rd is the store location, and there's a prenatal studio 2 blocks away. She has two assistants (we focus mostly on LT this episode). Many of her clients are "rich b!tches." She has a heart-shaped uterus, so because of the shape she has difficulty conceiving, and is going through IVF (she does have one "miracle child" already). "Mummy IQ" is a test that she gives people to figure out how much they know. "How long until the umbilical cord stub falls off? (1-3 weeks) "Is it normal for a baby to projectile vomit?" (Yes)
Client #1: Jon & Sarah (starting 4 weeks from due date) want help with their nursery. They've been married for about two years, and they're pretty carefree. They live in a Tribeca loft. Sarah thinks that baby stuff in general is pretty ugly. They don't like music and noise [LMAO. how's that going to work?!?] and are really putting aesthetics over the needs of the child. They only had a changing table and a crib that is not yet assembled. They feel that the baby needs to go with the flow, not be the center of their universe. Sarah doesn't feel bonded to her baby at all. Sarah thought "1 week" and "no" to the Mummy IQ questions. Sarah is overwhelmed with the idea of getting a stroller. Rosie bring in a therapist to help get the couple more prepared to the idea of bringing a baby into the home. Sarah was very put-off by it. It really helps them, though. Rosie and LT do a nursery for them, and it has Space Invaders on the wall and a polar bear rocking horse. Sarah was shocked, she thought it was cute, but was unsure of the colorful playthings. They named their son "Fox," and they're adjusting much better. They also tried to take the colorful stuff away and give the kid plain toys, but the kid liked the color better. [haha]
Client #2: Samantha & Mitch. Best-selling author (who writes about "personal branding") and web entrepreneur with two previous children. They need help with baby named. They've gone through 12,000 names already! [seriously. WHAT?!?!?] They even want a think-tank of experts to think about the name! [They misspell one of the names of the think-tank members - the Baby Name Blogger is Elisabeth Wilborn, not Elizabeth Wilborn] They had specific rules about the name - can't end in an 's,' no j, e, or r first letters, no adjectives or decorations, not too popular, not too short. The couple likes "Bowen," even though nobody else does. Now they have to TEST the names, so they get a focus group together (of industry leaders) to talk about 20 specific names. The focus group also doesn't like "Bowen." Sam wants to write-off anyone who liked the name "Steven" because it's "so ten years ago." Now, they want to have a dinner party with the top 3 names. Miles (even though it has an 's' at the end), Holden, and Asher are the names. Bode (pronounced bow-dee), Bowen, and Tucker are also in play... surprise! None of the guests think one of these names would work for a 2060 Presidential candidate. [I was shocked that it was something they were considering] Everyone likes "Asher," and the couple is surprised. In the end, they go with "Bowen Asher," and they decided during labor. [I thought it was funny that they went with the name that NOBODY else liked after all that work!]

Wipeout (S04Exx): episode 12 upcoming. 

[season finale May 19, but will be back June 16th... but looks like it'll be moving to Tuesdays starting June 21st]
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Off season/Coming Up:
16 and Pregnant (Tuesday, April 19th at 10pm)
The Unpoppables (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Teen Mom (no idea)
19 Kids and Counting (we'll pick up with Season 6, Episode 13 at some point) 
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