Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mel & Georgia Compete with Friends; Ryder & Jo have Fashion Problems

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Melissa & Joey "Waiting for Mr. Right" (S01E20): Joe appreciates how Mel and her date have been arriving home at exactly 11pm lately. [strange... I don't see Mel enjoying that kind of predictability...] When he leaves, Mel complains to Joe about her date. Joe says that she finds things wrong with everyone... She then says that Joe's arms are too big and he always has an answer for everything. Mel goes out with some girlfriends. One is pregnant, one is engaged, one is planning a wedding, and one is getting a new kitchen... Mel just has the same ol', same ol' going on. Mel gets flowers, but it looks like Stephanie is intervening because Mel doesn't want to be the only single in her group. Mel talks her way into going with Fletcher on a road trip to Chicago. [not seeing this going well...] Mel calls Joe from the road and he leaves immediately, picking her up at a rest stop. Turns out, Mel jumped out of the car at a gas station and made a run for it. [hahahahahaha. this girl is too funny!] It took Fletcher an hour, but he finds her and delivers the bags, telling Joe to take care of her. [and she didn't even really apologize! meh, this wasn't the greatest storyline. And neither was the other one going on...] Meanwhile, Ryder asks Lennox to help him be cooler, so she dresses him in a really tight pair of pants, tho he's trying to get out of dressing like a hipster. Lennox keeps pushing the limit, and Ryder is even walking weird from the outfits. He dropped a book at school so a girl brings it home for him... Lennox asks her if she'd hang out with Ryder [wow, that's awkward!] and the girl says he'd have to stop dressing like that. [haha!] Ryder comes in wearing normal clothes, and since the girl likes that, they start hanging out. [bleh. borrrring.]

State of Georgia "The Popular Chicks" (S01E10):  The episode starts with Georgia and Jo in chicken costumes, and Jo says that six hours handing out coupons was the worst job they've ever had. [which is completely believable!] A girl they know from Atlanta wrote on Georgia's Facebook wall, and Georgia's translation of what it means is pretty different from the literal translation. Georgia explains how much work "being popular" is, which surprised Jo. The girl who wrote on the facebook wall is coming to NYC, so Georgia wants to impress her. [Jo is really wearing a t-shirt over a long-sleeve plaid number??] Honey will stay clear while the friend is there, and Georgia wants Jo to photoshop her into some stuff to make her look more important and successful. [interesting plan...] Jo is hoping to be a liaison for the physics department, but she has competition. [Jo is doing the tee-over-long-sleeve-plaid again.] Honey shows up, as she got a boring car at the key-trade party. [apparently the woman isn't into the Prius... can't blame her.] They pretend that Honey is Georgia's personal trainer [ummm... no.] and that they live in JLo's apartment. [... I'm skeptical of anyone who would buy that...] Georgia's lying gets out of control when she says she knows a singer and that she has front-row tickets to a concert he's putting on the following night. [the bratty girl doesn't stay long...] Jo works on her election speech in front of some stuffed animals. Georgia found tickets online for $900... and she's willing to try for it! [girl is nuts!] Georgia makes things up to get people inside the chicken place. Next thing you know, the girls are running in the chicken suits to try to win tickets, but that doesn't work, either. [big surprise...] Georgia then goes into emergency mode, and Jo calls her on it, since Georgia is causing Jo to miss preparation time for her election. Poor Jo ends up with only one sentence for her speech, while her opponent just wears a football jersey from high school, which wins him the election. [at least now she's wearing a tee over a paisley long-sleeve shirt.] The girl from back home shows up and Georgia admits the truth, then defends Jo. [I do love Georgia's loyalty to Jo!] The singer shows up and takes Georgia and Jo to the concert, as Jo recognized his voice - they play the same online game! [that coincidence, and the fact that the guy actually came through on such short notice, was completely unbelievable.]
[two-episode summer finale next week]
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