Saturday, August 13, 2011

Montage for Hot in Cleveland; Pregnancy Scare on Happily Divorced

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Hot in Cleveland  "Too Hot for TV" (S02E19):  Starting off with some bloopers. We have some readings, some behind-the-scenes, some clips. Short interviews. Plenty of Victoria and Elka. [why is this being listed as a regular episode and not a special of sorts? I also hadn't noticed that Melanie says "God Bless America" often.] There are a couple of scenes in particular that they have tons of takes of - like when Joy shot her son in the leg and Melanie acted British, and when Elka had to talk about her username, BenderOver. 

Happily Divorced "Vegas Baby" (S01E09): Fran, Peter, and Judi are out seeing a Dream Girl. Elliot is her producer. [of course. small world and all... I thought that Fran's black dress was rather unbecoming.] Elliot shows up at the house, saying that he isn't over Fran, so they make plans to spend some time together in Vegas. Cesar can't go to Vegas for the flower show with Fran because it's his wife's mother's birthday. [stupid reason, but whatever.] Shot of the Bellagio fountains. Shot of Fran trying to put on a tight dress with Peter's help. [also not lovely to look at.] She eats the chocolate strawberries and drinks the champagne when Elliot finally calls, telling her that he broke up with his wife, but the timing isn't right to be with Fran, either. [stop wanting married men, people!] Peter brings a guy back to his room, but Fran hears him and starts crying, so Peter goes to console her and loses out on the guy. [he's too nice.] Peter wants them to paint the town so they head out... next thing we see is Peter and Fran in bed together the next morning... and they can't remember if they slept together or not! [I love this commercial TVLand keeps showing about how many Emmy nominations they have running on the network.]
Back in LA, Peter is at the bar with the guy from Vegas when Fran comes in, thinking she's pregnant. [Love Fran's purple dress!! I want it!] The night before the pregnancy test, they have Fran's parents over for dinner, and they're so nervous that Peter lets it slip pretty quickly. The next morning, Fran is freaking out... turns out, it's negative. [aren't they ALWAYS negative in this situation??!?] Her parents show up moments later with champagne, which they leave in case "they want to try again." [hahahaha]  
[season finale next week]
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