Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Exes: Phil's a Good Guy

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I don't know about you, but Phil didn't leave me feeling great about his character in the pilot. This time, however, we learn that, while he cares a great deal about his work, he's a loyal guy who cares. That's really the big thing that came out of this episode. From the pilot we knew that Holly was unlucky with men, that Eden was a bit of a flirt (to put it lightly), that Stuart wasn't over his wife, and that Haskell sits around and sells things online all day. Now, I bet that we're going to find out more about Stuart and Haskell before long, but I was hoping for a little more from this episode. I'm not unhappy with the show... I guess I just saw it being a little different. Oh well, no big deal. This episode had its funny moments, and then we'll move on.

The Exes "A Little Romance" (S01E02): A Story: Phil is working from home in the morning and Stuart wants to chat, which gets on Phil's nerves pretty quickly. Phil is about to sign a jockey, who would humorously be his largest agent. [ha.] Phil wants Eden to act as some eye candy, but Holly wants to go along for dinner, too. [just how standard is this type of dinner?] At the dinner, the jockey is more into Holly than Eden. The jockey takes Holly to a nice dinner, and she slumps as she walks to appear closer to his heights. ["big words, not this year, let's drink it!" sounds like a fail-safe for wine, LoL.] She has a timeshare in Naples, and he has a villa in Tuscany. She sees people staring so she slumps in her seat, too. [LoL] He notices and it's not long before they are exchanging gigantor and elf jokes. At the end of the date, Holly and the jockey set another date. [that situation with holly bending over to get a kiss was AWKWARD!] The jockey signs with Phil, but Phil becomes concerned that he only got the job because of Holly... jockeys have a thing going to see who can bang the tallest broad. [that sitcoms commercial with the TVLand stars was HILARIOUS! the jokes were so funny! "the first time I just did one line... then I started shooting every week."] Phil's conscience is getting to him, but he's acting like Stuart is lecturing him so he's not as torn. Phil decides to go to Holly's and tell the jockey not to mess with Holly, but the guy is really rude. Phil then tries to tell Holly, but there's no time. But, Holly heard what was said and throws the guy's clothes out the window. [hahahaha!]

B Story: Stuart & Lorna's clock collection arrives at the guys' apartment.Stuart is willing to sell it, and Haskell is handling the online sales for 20% commission. Stuart tries to answer clock questions online, but he gives way too much information. [rather ridiculously, too.] Turns out, Stuart has been secretly bidding on the clocks, but the jig is up when a cuckoo goes off in his room. [eh. the whole plot wasn't that compelling. the funniest part was Stuart talking about his honeymoon in the online response...]
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