Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teen Mom 2: Leah & Chelsea at Hospitals, Jenelle & Kailyn with their Mothers

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Why does it seem that this show moves at such a slower pace than Teen Mom? I feel as if nothing ever happens in a given episode, and that each person's storyline becomes incredibly predictable. Last episode, Kailyn looked at apartments... and this episode she moves into one. Last time, Jenelle and Kieffer got into a physical confrontation... and this time they're broken up and she's asking to move home for (what seems like) the tenth time. Last time, Leah found out that Ali needs an MRI. This week she got the MRI. Last week Chelsea found out she needed surgery. This week she got said surgery. Anyone ready for next week's predictions? Kailyn will deal with finding furniture for her apartment, Jenelle and her mom will try to get along but there will be at least one screaming match anyway, we'll find out the results of Ali's MRI, and Chelsea will struggle to heal while yelling at Adam for being a poor caretaker. Bets?

Teen Mom 2 "Intensive Care" (S02E03): It's not long after the previous episode, and there's snow on the ground for some folks, so I'm guessing it's November?

Kailyn: She enters the assistance program and tells Jordan. She doesn't tell her mom that she's moving, and has friends come help her when nobody else is home. [definitely sounds like a dumb teenager move to me.] They have about two hours to move her bedroom furniture and everything else. She doesn't have any boxes or anything, as she claims she has never done this before. [except she has. She used to live at Jo's. She moved there and moved out again somehow...] She knows that her mom will be pissed, but just keeps on moving things, even though her friends are concerned. After all of her stuff is at the new place, she calls her mom, who tells her to bring back the TV. [I love that Kailyn saw that coming AND that it was her mother's only real comment about the entire situation.] She tells Jo that she moved out, and he seems okay with it. She gets a text from her mom that says she needs to return the remote ASAP, so she meets her mom the next day. She admits that she didn't feel comfortable talking about it with her mom, and her mom feels as if she pretty much got lied to. [I don't know where her mother gets that from. She found out the same day as the move... would it have made a difference if she knew about the idea when Kailyn started looking for a solution?]

Jenelle: She broke up with Kieffer after the violence and calls her mom the next day to tell her that she wants to come home. Jenelle says that she's done with Kieffer and her mom tells her to press charges. They decide to meet for dinner to discuss her return to the house. [her mom is such a pushover. Jenelle has been out of the house for what? a week? and she's ready to let her back in again.] Jenelle goes to the county courthouse to talk to the magistrate about pressing domestic charges. Then she meets with an old friend for a (very staged) conversation about what's been going on for the past few months (and maybe even longer). At dinner, her mom asks if she has learned her lesson. Her mom doesn't want her sleeping in her car, but in order to come back "home," her mom tells her that she needs to make a commitment to spend more time with Jace, talk to her mom more, and turn everything around.

Leah: She's worried about the girls and Ali's MRI, so she takes a few days off work to spend time with them. [must be nice to take time off so soon when you JUST STARTED.] Corey takes off work so that he can go with Leah to take Ali to the hospital. Leah doesn't like that Ali has to undergo anesthesia again. They drop off Aleeah at Corey's stepmother's house. The anesthesiologist was really quick with his explanations, and Corey started to lose it as soon as they put the gas mask on Ali. Leah waits to start crying after she's in the hallway.

Chelsea: Her mom is out of town with her sick grandmother, and her dad can only help her out of it's a Friday or a weekend. But, she wants the surgery ASAP, so schedules it for a Wednesday, knowing that she'll have to rely on Adam to care for her and Aubree. She's worried about Adam taking care of her and Aubree. [well, yeah. the guy has the most horrid track record!] Adam calls Aubree a "little bastard" when she messes around at the hospital, so Chelsea gets mad. [I would've gotten much, much more upset than she did, though!] Adam won't stop cursing around the toddler, but eventually they make it home.
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