Friday, February 3, 2012

Switched at Birth: The Truth About Angelo

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

First, I want to talk about how awkward the alarm situation is. Now, I know that every company does things differently, but would you have some sort of super-secret verbal code you could give them over the phone to ensure that everything is okay? Along this line, is anyone else foreseeing Bay sneaking around and messing up the code late at night? Lastly, I completely forget that the current high schoolers were born in the 90s... the idea that Kathryn and John didn't even begin dating until November 2nd, 1990 really caught me by surprise. Anyway, onward to more important parts of the episode... we all knew that Angelo was up to something, but being a fugitive with a stolen identity is a bit much. I have a feeling that they'll somehow make it all work out, though I kind of hope that they don't. I think that Angelo should serve some time in jail... if for no other reason than the fact that he's been using a stolen identity! They better throw the book at him!  

Switched at Birth "Expulsion from the Garden of Eden" (S01E15): So, Regina and Angelo are back together - we spot them in bed in the middle of the day. Angelo wants to go public with their relationship, but Regina hesitates. [nobody should be surprised that Regina is reluctant to share this news.]

Daphne is thrilled about her new relationship with Wilke right up until she finds out that he took her on his "standard first date," which consists of drinking, driving around on a golf course at night, and making out in the sand trap. When he invites her on his "standard second date," she gets angry. [When Frasier had a "standard outing," I liked it, since it eliminated other variables. Here, it looks cheap. Maybe I just like Frasier better than Wilke?] Wilke heads to Toby for advice, and Toby is shocked at the idea that Wilke might want more than the physical stuff with Daphne. [it IS a bit unusual...] Wilke had shared a secret with Daphne (he had scoliosis when he was ten and suffered through surgery and a back brace), and he ends up winning his way back into her heart anyway. [I'm not surprised. you?]

Daphne is also working now, in John's office. Sarah, a reporter friend of John's, comes by, which arouses suspicions with Daphne. [I thought Daphne was quick to judge!] Daphne asks Toby about Sarah, and he jumps on the defensive, saying that John would never cheat on Kathryn. So, when Kathryn tries to reach John because of an alarm malfunction (apparently John changes it every three months and somehow forgot to tell anyone the newest combination?), and he's not where he said he would be, Daphne gets even more suspicious. [if you change the code, why wouldn't your very next step be to let the family know? Although I did love how Toby was just going through all of John's baseball statistics to guess the code!] She looks at his calendar and heads to the location listed, where she sees John and Sarah talking at a cafe. Daphne tells Regina that she thinks something is up, but Regina tells her to keep it to herself. [hmm. interesting reaction.]

Moving on to Kathryn... after running into Angelo at a farmer's market and discovering that they have grandparents from towns only a few kilometers apart in Italy, she considers having him over for dinner. [...small world?] Kathryn runs it by Regina, who checks with Daphne. Daphne's fine with it, but Adriana still thinks that Angelo has a hidden agenda. [nice to see Adriana having a speaking part again, LoL.] Similarly, Kathryn checks with John, who is nervous about it, but they schedule it anyway. During the dinner, Kathryn takes a phone call (since they now have a trial date, the Kennish lawyer has taken on an associate), and learns that there's an outstanding warrant for Angelo in Italy - he's a fugitive. [is it common practice to figure out which representation someone might want and then hire them first so they're on your side?] She and John immediately confront him, and he says that he beat up a friend who was sleeping with his fiance. The friend's father was a prosecutor and had it out for him, so he left, using his brother's identity. [poor brother.] Regina tells him to get rid of the salon so he'll have the money to fight it in court... but they can't break the lease. This whole thing causes Daphne to realize that Regina and Angelo are back together. Kathryn is pissed that Angelo "got by them." Bay says that she'll never forgive her parents if they have Angelo deported. Daphne asks John not to call immigration... then decides to confront him about Sarah. Turns out, Sarah is writing a book on the switch, too, and John was trying to convince her not to. [just how many people are thinking of writing this book??!?] Daphne doesn't know if she believes him, but he tells her that they're not perfect, and he's never going to leave. [cute moment. very ABCFamily.]

Bay helps Emmett move to his dad's place, and they are quickly introduced to his young, hard-of-hearing girlfriend, Olivia. Bay doesn't make the best first impression (insulting someone's parking generally isn't ideal), but Olivia doesn't come off well to Bay, either... she has a bong in the living room. [drugs... just what this show needs, LoL.] Later, when Bay and Emmett chat about having a photo made into wallpaper, Olivia tells Bay that she's welcome to stay over, as "beds are more comfortable than the backseat." [whoa. presume much??]
It's not long before Bay and Emmett are talking about sex, and she tells him that she's a virgin, then learns that he is not. They have a wonderful play-on-words after the signs for "vegetable" and "virgin" are similar. [the nuances in signs make for great jokes sometimes. I took a Signed English course my final semester in college, and the instructor gave a few examples, most of which I struggled to comprehend. But, there was a rumble of laughter in one corner of the room, so they must be hilarious.] Later in the week, Emmett's dad writes him a note to get him out of school so they could go to the salvage yard and look for a motorcycle frame - they're going to build another one together. Emmett declines an invitation to the aforementioned dinner with Angelo since he and his dad were going to shop for engines. Before the dinner, Bay had planned to spend that night with Emmett (even putting condoms in her purse), but, because of what happened at the dinner, Bay is in an awful mood. It's not helping that Emmett is siding with the Kennishes - protect Bay from the felon. Bay takes this opportunity to say that Emmett's dad gets high and is dating someone half his age, so neither is in a dreamy state. [, should we expect to find Bay and Emmett having sex within the next few episodes? How long have they allegedly been dating now, like two months? is that all the youngins are waiting these days?

After leaving Emmett's, Bay goes to Angelo's, but the door has been kicked in and his clothes are gone. She blames her parents, but it turns out that it was Adriana who made the call. [awesome.]
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