Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teen Mom 2: Moving, Sentencing, Walking, Meeting

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, this episode had storylines for all four girls, which doesn't always happen. Leah's really becoming a strong single mother, whether she realizes it or not. Finding a place that's in a better location and in better shape is a big step for her daughters, even if it means she'll have to be more independent. Jenelle, on the other hand, shows no mature growth at all. After being sentenced to twelve months of probation (which is pretty light, considering she could have faced a good chunk of jail time), all she can think about it how she won't be able to get high for an entire year, which is apparently longer than she can envision. Chelsea is bored without Adam around, so she finds a three-day hobby... raising money for the March of Dimes. Great idea and all, but she's going to go back to being bored next week. Kailyn has to deal with Jordan and Jo meeting, which could have been very messy. Everyone's pretty cordial, though, and it's nice to see some mature comments made. As the season winds down, I think that we'll see Corey and Leah falling apart some more, Jenelle continue in a downward spiral, Chelsea whine about Adam some more, and Kailyn's court date make Jo pay less than originally expected. Your predictions?

Teen Mom 2 "Love Comes and Goes" (S02E10):
Leah: Leah still really wants to move, and gets into yet another fight with Corey. [bless her heart. The girl is trying.] Leah's mom says that she found a trailer, and they can sign off on it in a few days if that's what she wants. She trusts her parents' opinion on a place, so she tells Corey that she really wants to move - she doesn't want to wait another six months or more. [proud of her for not giving in.] Corey tells her to go for it, so she calls back her mom. Then, Corey announces that he probably isn't going to move with her. [why not? what's the point in living in different places unless you're not going to be together? what has Leah done that makes Corey want to end it?]

Jenelle: She (thankfully) moves back in with her mom again, saying that she'll have to get a storage unit for her furniture. [with what money again?] She goes to see her lawyer, and they talk strategy. The next day, she drives Kieffer to the court, too, and a friend comes along for support. [she really wears a t-shirt and sweatpants to court? at least Kieffer wears a polo shirt.] Kieffer's charges are all dropped, but Jenelle's possession of paraphernalia charge sticks (her charges of possession of marijuana and breaking and entering get dropped), so she gets twelve months of probation. She has to stay clean during this time (no drugs or alcohol), and she can't consort with anyone who smokes or is on probation themselves. [I kinda think that's more than fair.] Jenelle realizes that this means she can't hand out with ANYONE SHE KNOWS, especially Kieffer. [the girl knows absolutely nobody who doesn't get high? such a sad existence.] Of course, she's jealous that Kieffer got off without a hitch, then goes off on a rant about having to stop smoking pot for a year. [because, you know, God forbid you try to get your life together and stop abusing illegal substances for good...] Kieffer tells her that he'll quit, too, which she doesn't seem to buy. [I wouldn't, either.]  

Chelsea: She bought a new car with her dad's help. [...why did she need a new car? and why would her dad help her? She has him wrapped around her little finger...] She wants to do a walk for the March of Dimes, and her friend decides to do it, too. [they decide this just days beforehand... so I'm curious as to how she just "decided" to do it...] They sign up and try to earn $500 in pledges in two days. First, they need to build a team, so they ask Chelsea's coworker to join them (she says yes). Then, they call Chelsea's boss to get a $100 donation. [how long has she been working now? Even if it's been a month, I'm surprised that she had the guts to ask her boss for a donation... she's so bad at doing anything "grown-up" most of the time.] The internet does the rest of the work for them, as they bring in $740 somehow. Oh, and they tie-dye t-shirts. [omg I hate her hair SO MUCH.]

Photo by MTV
Kailyn: They got a continuance on the hearing, so Jo will have to pay in the meantime. He's not worried though, as he has a lawyer who wanted more time to work on the case. [interesting...] Jo wants to spend more time with Jordan, since he's around Isaac a lot. [reasonable.] One of Kailyn's friends tells her that Jo has a new girlfriend. [yeah, apparently she saw a tweet about it and rushes to tell Kailyn... whatever.] At first, Jordan is fine with meeting Jo, but the closer it comes, the more he starts freaking out. Both men are respectful when they're together, though. [Jo was a bit awkward with the "you're a big dude" comment.] Jo tells Jordan that he wants to be able to call him in case of an emergency, and wants him to be able to call in the same situation. [that's good. smart.] Kailyn asks Jo about his alleged girlfriend, and he denies it. [more awkward. especially when Kailyn busts out the "whatever" gesture.] 
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