Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smash: Not Doing So Hot

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Rebecca sucks. Ellis blows it with Rebecca's assistant. Eileen is skeptical of her relationship with Nick. Frank and Julia can't stay civil long enough to have a conversation about their son's education. Tom's not thrilled that Sam likes to take things slow. Dev can't admit to Karen that he didn't get the press secretary job - not that they're doing wonderfully anyway. All in all, nobody is really having a great episode, leading to a pretty junky storyline. I'm starting to think I'm getting over this show... we haven't even had consistency with good musical numbers, and I was hoping that would be a backup reason to stay tuned in. :-/

Smash "The Movie Star" (S01E11): Rebecca is not a great singer and she wants to change the show to be less "singing and dancing." [hahaha!] Derek (who is still struggling with images of Karen as Marilyn) brings back Ivy, as Karen is still "too green." [his hallucinations are disturbing, if you ask me.] Eileen backs up some of Rebecca's demands, like wanting a longer scene to delve into Marilyn's psyche, but everyone worries about what else will be requested. The star does, however, have some decent desires, like hiring a vocal coach. [yeah!] The request for a lower key and fewer solos might be met, but at least she doesn't want the thing to be a four-hour epic! [what is this mess of an ending number? and how did her crazy ex-boyfriend even find the workshop??]

Eileen calls Nick and tells him that she can't be distracted from the show, but agrees to see him in person to talk about it. She then digs through Ellis' files to learn that Nick has a criminal history, and when she asks him about it, he simply says that "running a bar will get your hands dirty." [I don't know if that's 100% true, but I've never run a bar, either.] The end of the situation is a bit unclear, but it appears as if they're going to try to stay together. [I don't really care either way, but I'd like more Jerry.]

(Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)
Dev still hasn't told Karen that he didn't get the press secretary job, but she finds out when she goes to see Dev at his office and he's been moved to a cubicle. To life his spirits, she suggests that he accompany her to a screening of Rebecca's new movie, but he stands her up. The film is boring so Ivy and Karen drink. [Ivy's a regular lush, huh?] To end the miserable night, Dev isn't home when Karen arrives. [I don't think he's going to get with his colleague either, though.]

Ellis hits on Rebecca's assistant, but it turns out to be an act when we later see him accidentally refer to the kid as a loser. [but Ellis already got what he needed so what's it matter?] 

Tom and Sam talk about Into the Woods and The Frogs. [Sondheim must have been the topic of conversation?] When they start kissing, though, Sam admits that he's old-fashioned and that sex is holy. [oh boy, this should be fun...] He furthers his point of "taking it slow" by pointing out that Tom is 37 and his longest relationship has been five months. [nothing happening here, got it.] 

Leo is flunking a few classes so Julia and Frank go to the school. Frank acts as if nothing is wrong at home but Julia admits she had an affair and Frank moved out. [I wasn't surprised with how Frank acted, but I wasn't entertained, either.] They then talk to Leo and tell him that he needs to stay focused and not to let their troubles affect him. [uh huh, okay, yeah. not.]
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