Friday, May 18, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: Appearances

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

As someone who just caught Storage Wars for the first time last week, I thought that this episode of Hot in Cleveland could be pretty funny. Little did I know, this gimmick would last a measly four minutes before the focus really just turns to the antics around two of the objects found in the storage locker Victoria purchases. I think the episode's title is a misnomer, really. One one branch, we have Joy delighting in being able to bluff about her appearance until she actually meets her mystery man. On another, Victoria is dying to change her public persona, even if it means dragging the name of one of our greatest Presidents through the mud. Joy's situation doesn't work out because she's caught lying, and Victoria doesn't shed her image because her conscience gets the better of her. In one ear and out the other... I really don't see this being a lasting lesson for the ladies. Now, Elka's grand theft auto... that's a different story.

Hot in Cleveland
"Storage Wars" (S03E22): The girls plan to bid on an abandoned storage unit, and Victoria is especially interested to try and find something that will put her into a positive light in the eyes of the media. See, her "Ladypants" commercial is now airing in the US and she gets recognized from the advertisement, which is not her best work. So, she jumps at the chance to buy a unit that has a painting inside, hoping it to be the work of a famous artist.
Well, the painting ends up being nothing special, but it has an envelope on the back of it - appearing to be from President Lincoln. [haha on the slavery parallels.] Melanie and Victoria call the University to send over an expert on the subject, and Artie arrives. [someone on this show just loves that actor, eh?]  The April 16, 1862 letter mentions that Lincoln got involved with an intern of sorts, and Victoria is thrilled to have the chance to bring the story to the news. But, after realizing that "once it's out there, it's out there," Victoria pulls the Lincoln letter from the press and gives it to Artie. [...who is going to do what with it, exactly?] Victoria then decides to pitch the story as a television movie, hoping to play the role of the young intern. [haha!] 

While Victoria and Melanie are preoccupied with Lincoln's letter, Elka shows Joy how to use a CB radio. Elka is CandyCane and Joy is EnglishRose. Joy decides to lie about her appearance, then buy a waterbra to match said appearance. Joy plays with her breasts and tells her CB flirter about it, causing him to crash his truck. Upset, Joy and Elka go looking for him, and one of Elka's knitting needles pokes a hole in Joy's bra. [a little too forced comedy, I thought.] So, she stuffs her bra with a ball of yarn but he catches on immediately. [ridiculous.] Oh, and they're pulled over by the police because the Prius they've been driving belong to a car dealership - Elka has been "test-driving" it for a week. [how do you think this will play out?]
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