Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Simpsons: Rollercoaster Lisa

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

For a season finale The Simpsons pulled an average-to-above-average episode. A big guest star like Lady GaGa makes for a memorable episode, even if it falls below par in certain areas. "Lisa Goes Gaga" was a one-storyline episode that would be dated even without the pop star sensation. Lisa trying to promote herself online reminded me of the slambooks of yesteryear... good times! I'm fairly certain that we will stop covering this animated legend after next week - it's just losing its appeal overall for me, and I don't believe I have any IRL friends still watching. What about you? Did you like Lady GaGa making an appearance? Do you think that you'll be tuning in come September for the twenty-fourth season? 

The Simpsons "Lisa Goes Gaga: (S23E22): Opening gags: Bart coming down the beanstalk with a goose and a harp; Homer sliding off the couch when he tries to sit.

Lisa wins the "most unpopular" award at school so she starts a thread on the school discussion boards about her good qualities. [what kind of school allows such an award??] It catches on and she's invited to do things with others, right up until Bart figures out that she's been posting those comments herself. She's pretty bummed, and Homer tries to console her by asking if she wants to "honk her jazz tube?" or go see Lady GaGa in concert. [LoL on Homer's term for the saxophone, and a bigger LoL on the LadyGaga train with the heels!] The rock star singles out Lisa to ask her what's wrong, and Gaga puts together a flashmob for Lisa, but it doesn't change anything. [Ned trying to argue with Gaga's skin-bearing ways, but failing, was funny.]
Then, Gaga tries to make Marge happier, but winds up making out with her, which causes her to go be intimate with Homer in a wonderful way - "like the time Hillary won the New Hampshire Primary!" [...whoa.] Lisa eventually gets angry at Gaga, who cries tiny diamonds. [whaaaa???] Lisa putting forth anger upon Gaga frees her and helps her to think of the good things about herself. She even sings about herself! [love how Gaga taking off her dress also changed her hairstyle. oh, and as a final thought, the story being told by a back-up dancer was odd.]
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