Monday, May 21, 2012

House: The End of the Doctor

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, it was no ER, but House sure was an interesting medical drama. I agree that it was time to wrap-up the series, but the writers could have probably used a bit more notice to get things to fall into place better. The retrospective was a very crew-oriented, making for a very different approach - I liked it. I would have liked to see some more about the patients as opposed to the character drama, but c'est la vie. The finale episode should have been two hours. While I liked the funeral only showing a bunch of one-liners, I think that everything up until the fiery beam falling on house should have been one episode, and everything after being its own episode - we could have seen more of the funeral (and found out how House was watching it), seen how House switched the dental records, and maybe a little more of what the relationship between House and Wilson will become. Still, I think the biggest mistake was putting Chase in charge of the Diagnostics Department - he had finally learned to take a step on his own, only to return two episodes later. What a shame. 

House "Swan Song": This is "a memoir by Hugh Laurie," and begins with Laurie taking Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron) around the sets as they reminisce.We get some fun facts, like how just under 100 canes were lost or broken over the years. We hear about some of the original concepts behind the show - putting Dr. House in a wheelchair would have resulted in too many limitations. [could you imagine if they went with a scar? they'd need such exact makeup every time!] We're treated to plenty of clips throughout the series. [HOLY CRAP! HOW YOUNG THEY LOOK! those old-timey title cards were odd, though.] They built a lot for the show, giving thousands construction jobs. [it was cool to see parts of the hospital built in time-lapse.] All in all, House took almost 5M man-hours and 474 miles of film! [Why did they keep showing teenagers' videos? did nobody else send in one?] There's a quick thought on the parallels between House and Wilson / Holmes and Watson. Finally, Wilson and House play paintball in tuxedos hours before the sets are torn down forever.

Shots from the Wrap Party
 CR: Frank Micelotta/FOX

 CR: Frank Micelotta/FOX
House "Everybody Dies" (S08E22): House tries to get Wilson to take the fall for the vandalism... well, just enough to create reasonable doubt, anyway, but our favorite oncologist doesn't want to spend his dying days in hearings. "I don't want to lose this time with you," almost pushes Wilson into it, but he still holds fast. [good. I'd have been angry if Wilson went through with that!] A heron-addicted patient decides to take the fall, but that's not ideal, either.

House is on the ground in a room with a corpse and Kutner. The corpse is the addiction patient whom House admitted in order to try taking on several life-or-death cases, hoping to prolong his jail sentence until after Wilson's untimely demise. [not a bad plan. I totally didn't think of that. I wonder how it would work in real life?] Kutner ascertains that House is pondering suicide. Then, Kutner disappears and we see Amber, sitting with House in the burning building. House is trying to get out of the building but the floor collapses. Stacy appears, and together they imagine him with a baby, which doesn't make him any happier. He pictures himself with Dominika but then surrounded with other women, which only quashes his will to live. [odd.] Luckily, Cameron pointing out that he has suffered enough and given enough that he deserves to die pushes him to decide to live. [I might have gone with a different order of visions, but this probably worked without elongating the scenes.]

Meanwhile, as House has been missing for two nights, Foreman and Wilson decide to start looking for him. At House's apartment, they find food sitting out and learn that he stood-up a hooker. They realize that House called his psych doc, but confidentiality prevents him from being much help as Wilson and Foreman become more frantic. [I'm kinda surprised that House called him, honestly.] They decide to track down House's last patient - the heroin addict. The address he gave was fake, but when they smell smoke, they take off running toward a burning building. They arrive just in time to see a burning beam fall on House, who was nearing the doorway. [gasp! of course. television timing and all.]

In the daylight, the team is there as a body is excavated. A coroner confirms that it was House, and, at the funeral, everyone gives a one-liner, concluding with Wilson talking about House saving lives, but, in the end, he was an @$$ who mocked anyone who didn't measure up to his ideals of integrity - a bitter guy who liked making people miserable. [that is, indeed, pretty much the bottomline!] During Wilson's speech, his phone goes off... and he reads a text from House. [say whaaaa?] Wilson goes to meet the walking dead, and learns that the mastermind swapped the dental records and BOOM! he faked his own death. [didn't see that coming!] He can't go back, but is available for Wilson's final five months. As the two of them take off on motorcycles, we learn that Chase takes over the Diagnostics Department, Cameron now has a baby, and Foreman uses House's badge to prop up a wobbly office table.
Cr: Ray Mickshaw/Fox
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