Monday, May 14, 2012

The Simpsons: Nedna Parenting

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Oh, yeah. Ned and Edna. I had forgotten that they were still "together." I wasn't a fan in the beginning, and I'm not thrilled now. I do like that it came back, especially in a show that pretty much prides itself on things going "back to normal" after every little snafu. Otherwise, the episode was not without its merits, especially the little message about how parenting can't be done with certainty all the time - it's a learning process for everyone involved. Otherwise, I'd skip this episode - not a big deal. Let's hope that the remaining two episodes allow this season to go out with a bang!  
cr: FOX
The Simpsons "Ned "n" Edna's Blend" (S23E21): Another dig at FOX news in the opener, plus a Mother's Day reminder. The couch gag is another Avatar one with the couches flying around. [meh.]

The family auditions for the Passion Play, where Homer is cast as Jesus and Ned gets a non-speaking role. [YAY! Shout-out to Florida-Florida State rivalry!] Ned is injured in the show and Edna goes into the ambulance with him - as she's secretly his wife. ["no atheist blood, please" was a very odd comment, even for Ned.] Homer and Marge (and everyone else in town) want to throw them a party, but it isn't the best event ever. Later, goes to a parent-teacher conference but doesn't like what's being taught and pulls the boys from the private Christian school. [I can't imagine doing that without both parents involved, but Eric did it on 7th Heaven, too.] Ned dreams that his sons end up at elite universities instead of Bible colleges, but after talking to Homer and Marge, he realizes that you don't have to agree with your spouse on how to raise your kids - it'll come together as you go on. [and that's all that happens... not all that exciting.]
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