Monday, July 2, 2012

Falling Skies: Kids on their Own

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Another group of people! I wasn't expecting to come across them this episode! Too bad they're not sticking around - we could have used some new blood in the 2nd Mass. I don't think we've seen the last of them, either, though. I was surprised to see Weaver reunited with his daughter and then torn to shreds by her departure in the same episode, but I wasn't thrilled with their exchanges, either. I don't know why Tom and Dr. Glass insist on walking on eggshells around one another, either. While I understand the show is part drama and all, we've been getting it pretty thick lately, wouldn't you agree? I don't know... I haven't been solidly enjoying this season, but there's still plenty of time. And who knows what will be unleashed at Comic-Con next week...

Falling Skies "Young Bloods" (S02E04): Matt is out riding a scooter when he's spotted by a couple of Skitters. Luckily, two soldiers are out and about and blow off their heads. It later comes out that Matt was supposed to be a runner, but the group used him as a decoy, which angers Tom. [well, YEAH! I wouldn't want my kid being a decoy, either!] Later, Hal and Ben are scouting when their motorcycles are stolen. SuperPoweredBen can hear the engines, so the brothers set off east and find a warehouse full of young people. [whoa.] Hal offers them some food and protection, and a small contingent goes with the Mason boys. When they arrive, it turns out that Jean, Weaver's long-lost daughter, is with the group, so they are reunited. [awww!] She shares that her mother passed because of a stroke. Their group leader, Diego, and Hal exchange intel, and Tom invites the new group to join them on the way to Charleston. [wow... everyone is getting along a little too well, don't you think...?] The kids go back to their warehouse but discover that the Skitters/Chinches have torn it apart and taken all of the kids, except Johnny. They regroup with the 2nd Mass, but differ on what they should do next. They have an idea of where the harnessing facility might be, and Diego wants to take off immediately, though Weaver wants to wait until they have a plan. Diego and his troops move out anyway, and Matt tags along. [oh! who called it? Kid's gonna get hurt...]
By the time the 2nd Mass gets inside the place, they have to act fast, as the process is already going on. [it's like a torture chamber in a haunted house - dim, smoky, and children moaning in pain and calling out for one another. seeing that slug crawl onto Johnny's back almost made me puke!] Ben is bothered by the slugs in the tank and shoots it up, and they kill most of them before fleeing. Weaver is attacked in the leg, and he makes up with his daughter afterward, promising to change. [hmmm...] The warehouse kids don't want to be part of the Resistance - they think they will do better just hiding. [I can't believe that one...] Weaver presents Jean with his compass, but she sneaks off and joins Diego and the others while Weaver sleeps. [b!tch!] She left him a letter, and he bawls. [poor guy. he wanted to be reunited with his family so badly!]    

In other news, some soldiers found a Korean grocery store and now there's food for a week. Tom snags a treat for Dr. Glass, who kisses him in appreciation. Later, Hal and Ben chew some gum while Hal asks him about his spikes glowing in the presence of Skitters, though Ben lies and says that nothing has happened. Ben doesn't want to tell the truth because he's afraid that the people will fear him even more. [probably true.]
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