Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Broke Girls: A Cup & A Necklace

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

YES! We're finally free of Caroline's hideous pearl necklace! Well, maybe. Assuming that she doesn't actually try to re-string it herself!

These opening two episodes of the new season are decent, but not too much more than that. Some of the high points were Caroline getting me in the mood for a pumpkin spice cupcake, Earl making me laugh with "well, it's happened... I've lived too long," and Max unbuttoning her shirt a bit so Martha Stewart would recognize her. However, there were a BUNCH of weak jokes, about YOLO, Instagram, and how popular "vagina" is to say in public. The worst offender might have been Caroline's disguise that works as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katie Holmes, AND Zooey Deschanel. I also don't think that the unrelated "opening gag" joke is working for this show all that well... the preschooler nursing is so last season! Maybe if they could get the scenes to tie-in a little better with the rest of the episode?

2 Broke Girls "And the Hidden Stash" (S02E01): Caroline's father calls her about the estate auction and to invite Caroline and Max to prison to see him the next day. Max doesn't want to be there, but she's so attracted to Martin Channing that she goes along with it. Martin asks Max to make sure that Caroline attends the auction and buys the Loving Cup that she won for jumping with Chestnut. Max is convinced that there's hidden money in the cup, and despite their struggle to spend $200 on the item, it winds up being empty. [Caroline estimating that $60k could fit in the trophy was funny. but why couldn't they wait until they were back home to crack it open??] When the girls return to the prison, Caroline is upset that her father never planned for her future. [um, Caroline has an MBA... I think she's benefited from Daddy quite enough. Hold the phone, though... the guy who plays Caroline's father is the same guy who played Brian on Wings... a show where a father left something to his sons that they initially thought was nothing, only to figure out the mystery and come into a load of cash years later. Anyone think that the "empty" trophy could be the same sort of thing? Or is it just a fun coincidence?]

In the other storyline, we learn that Oleg and Sophie have now had 468 sexual encounters, and he wants to actually date, so they go to the Channing Family Auction. [saw the joke about I Didn't Know I was Pregnant coming.]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $727.00.

2 Broke Girls "And the Pearl Necklace" (S02E02): The girls begin to wonder if Martha Stewart will ever call, so Max tries to call her, pretending to be random celebrities having trouble with Martha Stewart goods. [haha.] So, Max wants to just go to Martha's office and remind her, but Caroline has no confidence because her lucky pearl necklace falls apart. [that didn't look like the type of necklace that would fall completely apart when one strand breaks... and I loved the joke, "you beat HPV with Tylenol"!!] Max convinces Caroline to do it anyway, and they even convince the receptionist to try one of their cupcakes. ["I have an Olsen twin around my neck." hahaha!] BUT, there's a pearl in the cupcake that breaks the woman's tooth, so the girls leave. [that sucks! on so many levels!]
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

On their way out, the girls consider defacing a Sprinkles Cupcake Vending Machine in the lobby, but when Caroline goes for some spray paint, they're spotted and have to make a run for it. Max winds up getting hit by a car but is okay. In the end, the girls receive an email from Martha. [just how long has it been, in their world?]

Back at the diner, Sophie and Oleg argue over their exclusivity while Han decides that he wants a power-touch ordering system for the diner. Too bad the circuits can't handle the system!

Cupcakery Savings Total: $877.00. [thanks to extra tips!]
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