Monday, October 22, 2012

Breaking Amish: Wrapping Up Everything...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Many people believe that TLC has changed the second half of the season to show what the public has already discovered - most of the kids had been outside of their Amish communities before, Jeremiah has left and re-joined the Amish, and Rebecca and Jeremiah have respectively been married already. Maybe. And, even, probably. But other facts still exist that throw everything for a loop - like the idea that Abe and Rebecca already have a baby together and that Jeremiah has three children. I guess we'll have to wait for the finale to see how that will work, but I don't see that stuff coming to light, especially if Rebecca is shown to have no family left. I don't have any expectations or hopes for the finale, though I do think that TLC should nix any thoughts of doing a second season (whether following different kids or following up with these ones) as well as anything similar... these "curious religion" reality shows (like All-American Muslim) just aren't working out for them!

Breaking Amish "Final Days" (S01E07): It's the end of their time in New York, and before coming together to have dinner and talk about the future (going back will be worse for some of the kids than others), quite a few things take place.

First, the quick stories... Kate is accepted into the modeling agency for a 30-day trial period, where she'll live in an apartment on Madison with other models. Sabrina meets her father as well as his mother, who is dying. She's surprised to learn that they have photos of her growing up - her adoptive parents sent them all the time when she was young! [um... SUPER WEIRD!] They exchange numbers and she hopes to stay in touch. [...I'm not sure how that's going to go.]

Now, the big story... Rebecca and Abe knew one another and used to hang out long ago, before Rebecca moved to North Dakota and Abe to Kentucky. They pretended that they weren't acquainted though they did reconnect when both returned to Punxsutawney anyway. [we're not clear on what Abe was doing in KY, but it's speculated that Rebecca was in ND to join her "jerk" husband.] Abe writes "Will you marry me" in the sand (asking the crew how to spell "marry") at Coney Island. He proposes on one knee, she accepts (amidst tears), and he heads home to tell his family of the engagement. [what's with the choice to play "This Little Light of Mine" in the background of a proposal, TLC?]
Abe's mother tells him that she knows a woman who claims to be Rebecca's HUSBAND's mother! [let me get this straight... she's 20 years old, has no teeth, and has been MARRIED??] So, Abe would be shunned if he stays with her - the Amish don't believe in divorce, though some individuals legally obtain them. Of course, Abe immediately goes to Rebecca to ask her what the deal is... she gets defensive, claiming that she should get a chance to explain what happened. [we don't hear such an explanation.] He says that she should have told him, and she says that she's ashamed, but it shouldn't make a difference if he loves her. [ha!] Jeremiah is pissed when he finds out, as Rebecca not saying anything is very disrespectful.

Also, following up on previous issues... No camera footage was ever found of Kate taunting Sabrina in the middle of the night. Abe and Rebecca think it was probably a hoax so Sabrina and Jeremiah could be together, as everyone learns the pair have been having sex, though they're not sure where - it's not either of the rooms! [I don't know why we drop this without further exploration, either.]
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