Monday, November 12, 2012

Breaking Amish: A Wedding & a Discussion

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Was it just me or was the middle of the bachelor/bachelorette party a terrible time to cut-off an episode? I thought that this one would start off on something else, not continuing the raucous after Abe and Rebecca left! Plus, this "Shunning Truth" mess is rather awful. I don't know where they dug up this moderator, but her attitude and questions are bad, and some of the things being discussed are ridiculous... we KNOW that Sabrina is a big flirt. We KNOW that Abe and Rebecca were spending a lot of time together after they kicked Kate to her own room (how long did that last, anyway?). And ending an episode with a horse braying is not impressive. 
Walling McGarity/TLC
Breaking Amish "Finale" (Special): Still at the bachelor party, the stripper gives Sabrina, Kate, Jeremiah, and Abe's brother lap dances. Rebecca wants to call security but Jeremiah says that they should just enjoy the "English lifestyle" if that's what they want. [ha! I didn't have strippers at my bachelorette party and I'm "English"!!] Rebecca says that she has a daughter and doesn't need strippers in her face, catching everyone by surprise. [why would having a kid stop you, exactly?] Rebecca explains that she got divorced in July 2012 and has a nineteen-month old whom her ex-husband doesn't acknowledge. [so... she got divorced after the original show taped?] Abe won't talk about Rebecca's child, saying that's a private matter. [ya know, he's really starting to get on my nerves...] Sabrina calls Harry for support, but he just starts up with Jeremiah as soon as he arrives. [Lancaster and Atlantic City are at least two hours apart, if not more, so that was no pop around the corner!]

Kate has another couple shoots and is invited to do some future work with a catalog.

The other four talk about the wedding, which will have a lot of Amish traditions involved. [we don't get to see any, though.] When the guys look at tuxes, Jeremish is upset about wearing a pink tie and cummerbund. [WHY did Rebecca put on a vest and tie??] Abe's mother is already being shunned for two months for going to New York to try to convince Abe to return. Abe and Rebecca get a "church wagon," which has everything you'd need to have church at your house. Abe has a cousin who left the Amish over ten years ago and he helps them.

Rebecca and Sabrina get their hair and makeup done professionally. Jeremiah keeps telling Abe that he can still walk away if he wants. There's a diamond (rhinestone?) missing from Rebecca's dress. Kate is late to the ceremony. [I wasn't a fan of Sabrina's singing "Amazing Grace." or her hair for that matter.] Rebecca didn't want alcohol at the wedding, but Jeremiah brought whiskey in a flask. [eye roll, everyone!] Abe surprises Rebecca with a limo, as they've always fascinated her. Jeremiah apologizes to Sabrina for yelling at her, and we learn that he and his new (English) girlfriend move in with Sabrina. [um, whaaaa?] Abe and Rebecca have regular contact with their families but joined a Christian church. [how are they having this regular contact?]  

Breaking Amish "The Shunning Truth, Part 1" (Special):
"How has life changed since the show?" Sabrina: everything changed and you're recognized places. Rebecca says more people are judgmental.

"How did you feel when you got to NYC?" Rebecca just wanted to go home. Sabrina didn't feel safe with that many people around.

"First impressions of one another?" Jeremiah thought Abe was a weak, shy dork. Kate thought Rebecca was a b!tch.

Abe explains a skank as a woman whose butt and breasts hang out. Rebecca and Abe admit to sharing the same bed in NYC and sometimes "doing it." Sabrina explains that he stopped Jeremiah from having sex with her twice. [so he just talks big. got it.]

Rebecca got upset the first time she saw the clip where Sabrina and Kate went looking for Rebecca's dentures. Sabrina talks about how she used to be overweight, then became anorexic, and the teasing she faced made her be mean to Rebecca regarding her teeth. [I think this was a bit contrived...]

They all admit that they weren't newbies to alcohol.

Jeremiah talks to his sisters but not his parents. Kate talks to her family but it's not heavy on sharing what's going on in their lives.

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And, no... we will NOT be covering Amish Mafia. I'm surprised that a Discovery Network is even trying such a thing after Breaking Amish has received such backlash!
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Sabrina's singing was terrible and it's funny how he just popped around the corner!