Sunday, November 11, 2012

Malibu Country: Dating is Rough

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Could this be the show I give up on the quickest this season? I didn't like the pilot and this second episode isn't much better, so one more chance and then I'm striking it! It reminds me a little bit of the failed GCB because there's so much you can do with kids who just moved to a part of the country but the show doesn't address that for the most part. The annoying neighbor angle is already getting worn out, and the sage grandmother who also gets high is a bit wonky. That's before I even nitpick on things like the fact that the kids are named "June" and "Cash" and that they're rather immature and naive. Is anyone enjoying this family comedy? Do you think TGIF has a future?

Malibu Country "Baby Steps" (S01E02): Kim brings over a tabloid about Reba's husband, telling Lillie to keep it from Reba. [why she brings it over isn't really answered, and the idea that she bought all of them in a ten-mile radius reminded me too much of what Ross tried to do for Monica when she got a bad chef's review on Friends.] But, Lillie thinks that Reba should see it, and Reba isn't surprised that Bobby is dating again. [he was the cheater, so one would think he'd get over the marriage first.] Kim sets up Reba with "Tom," and Geoffrey (the receptionist at the record company) comes over to help put together an outfit.

While this is going on, June is upset. See, Reba is not 100% believing that Sage is gay, so she limits what he and June can do together. Plus, Cash sees Sage kissing another girl (still "for practice"), and June gets jealous when she hears this. June is even upset that she's jealous, and she pouts on the couch to Reba, making her late for her date (which, by the way, is a secret from the kids).

By the time Reba gets to the restaurant, Tom is gone, but Lillie and Kim are sitting there, as they had planned to spy on them. [haha.] When Reba gets home, Cash questions her and isn't shocked to learn that she's dating. [I wonder if I'M shocked, though... wasn't it only weeks ago that everything fell apart??]
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