Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last Man Standing: Boyd Plays Dodgeball

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When did this show get so political? I mean, I know that the season started off that way, but is it going to continue? I'm already not a fan of the cast changes, and I'd hate to have to drop this show, especially when I want the New TGIF to thrive... but it's already wearing on my nerves. Still, it had its moments. I laughed at Mike offering to pay for a second paternity test to try to get better results. And, on a crazier note, I want their patio set. But there were also huge failures in this episode... Mandy falling for the high school quarterback and not knowing anything about football had great potential for jokes, yet that plot was quickly forgotten to address dodgeball in kindergarten (the big story) and the rivalry between Ed and Kyle (a weak side story). At least Mike continues to do those promo videos (this time about healthy competition, making fun of Democrats in the process)... they're worth a laugh or two. 

Last Man Standing "Dodgeball Club" (S02E02): Boyd's school no longer allows the kindergartners to play dodgeball, and Mike soon realizes that it was Ryan who wrote a letter because he and Kristin think that too much competition is bad for young kids. [cry me a river!] Ryan even says that dodgeball is too much like war. [we would not be parent-friends. just sayin'.] So, when Boyd has a few friends over and they're just sitting around watching television, Mike teaches them dodgeball.

Boyd objects immediately because picking teams hurts people's feelings. [then get better. I knew some dorky kids back in elementary school who still got picked in a decent round because they were fast runners.] Eve explains the main rules to Dodgeball Club as being 1) Don't talk about dodgeball club, and 2) no head shots. [the first one made me laugh, as my husband is a big fan of Fight Club, and the second one I totally agree with. I was on a dodgeball intramural team in college and balls to the face suck.]

The next time they play, even more kids show up, showing that the kids disobeyed the first rule. [I may not like too much political drama, but I did like the idea that "grandparents are like people in Pennsylvania without drivers' licenses - you don't get to vote" and Mike paying for everything but getting no say is like taxation without representation.] But, Boyd is the first one out every game, which eventually leads him to practice alone (and continue to be bad at the game), though Mike helps him out, despite Ryan throwing a hissy fit (and calling home Kristin from work) when he learns what Mike has been doing. 

And that other storyline? Ed, a volunteer with the Search and Rescue Rangers, heads out on a helicopter to save a child from a mountain. [lots of elderly jokes!] Kyle decides to go, too, and the rest of the episode is Kyle keeping up with Ed but being exhausted while Ed tries to keep up with Kyle and is exhausted. By the end, Kyle quits the Rangers. [status quo!]
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