Wednesday, November 7, 2012

HIMYM: Ted Leaves Victoria Over Robin, Barney Has a Dog

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

"But we'll get to that." Great words early in a series, but by the 165th episode, they get old. Seriously. But, in all honesty, this wasn't a totally annoying episode like those words would predict. Instead, it was only half-annoying... the half where the writers decided to make Victoria the Emily of 2012, calling off a future with Ted if he doesn't agree to never see his ex-turned-friend, Robin, again. Ross shot down Emily, and Ted shot down Victoria... though Rachel was in the loop about it all while Robin is still in the dark. (In fact, she might even believe that he wants to write young adult mystery novels!) On a lighter note, I did like Barney's little dog in a suit, though the Internet seems to believe that having a dog who is not knee-high is a violation of the The Bro Code

How I Met Your Mother "The Autumn of Break-Ups" (S08E05): Lily and Marshall notice that Victoria isn't thrilled with how slow she and Ted are taking things, but Ted argues they've only been together for five months. [Marshall's sassiness has to stop. and what was with that bag of flour pillow on the couch?] Marshall and Lily believe that the original dating time also counts, so after he talks to Victoria, he winds up proposing... only for Victoria to tell him that he needs to cut ties with Robin. [I liked Victoria's top in the proposal scene!] Ted tells Marshall and Lily about the issue, and he goes to end it with Robin but changes his mind because Robin is like family. Victoria can't accept this and leaves. [meh. we all know she isn't the mother! why tease us for FIVE MONTHS??]

The other storyline has Barney taking home a dog when it leaves a female in the morning. [I didn't think that those two dogs looked like Lady and the Tramp but my husband did... thoughts?] He names him "Brover" and they're pretty close. [the tongues is where I draw the line!] Nick has a cable-access cooking show and has been nominated for a local award. [not being able to come up with a catchphrase was part funny and part sad. and why did the writers just throw this in now??] Robin decides to invite Barney for dinner because she sees the dog as a cry for help, and the bros show up in matching suits.
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Barney explains his system of using Brover as a wingman, only to learn that Brover has an owner and needs to be returned. [funny bar scenes, though.] Barney nearly goes over the balcony but Robin pulls him back and goes with him to return the dog... though she ends up acting like Barney's sister when the owner invited him inside. Perhaps needless to say, Nick is getting tired of how much time Robin spends with Barney and Ted.
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