Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Revolution: Miles and Charlie Learn about the Power Pendants

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Charlie fails at every single thing she tries to do... and it's really annoying. That's one reason why I'm stopping coverage of this show as of this episode. The other is that I think the seventh episode of a series is too soon to be divulging major chunks of information regarding how the situation at hand came to be. I have no characters to root for... after Rachel tried to sell out her friend, Brad, I lost hope even for her. If you continue on with this show, I hope you enjoy it, but I'll be getting my fill of futuristic nightmares from just Falling Skies from now on. 
Revolution "The Children's Crusade" (S01E07): The fearless foursome walk into a trap set by some orphaned kids (whose parents were all killed 7-8 years ago). One of the older ones, Peter, was captured by the militia, and Charlie feels a kindred spirit because her brother is also missing, so she volunteers to rescue Peter. [sidetrack yourself further from saving your brother's life, whydontcha?] A bunch of the children accompany the quartet, and Miles sees the pendant for the first time when one of them tries to swipe it from Aaron's bag. They find that Peter was taken to a "re-education facility," which is a ship where children are put to become soldiers. [freaky.] Charlie makes herself vulnerable so that she's captured and brought there, but soon witnesses a boy beaten to death for wanting to leave. So, as soon as Charlie sees where Peter's quarters are, she starts a fight so she's knocked out, then attempts to steal keys from the medical warden when she arouses. Unfortunately, she's surrounded and branded into the Monroe militia. [that looked pretty painful. I have to wonder about those guys who choose to do it to join fraternities!] Because she's two hours late returning, Miles and Nora take a boat to the ship, with one of the boys stowed away. However, while in hiding, Aaron's pendant goes off, bringing power to the lighthouse and confusing the militia at just the right moment so Miles & Co. can kill the guards and escape, with all of the teens in tow. Miles questions Aaron about the lighthouse, and he comes clean about the pendant, which Miles wants to smash. Charlie also learns about the pendants.    

In Philadelphia: Danny begs Rachel to escape, but she won't. Monroe went in search of Rachel's colleagues but only found Brad, who won't give up any information after three weeks. [so it's been quite a while since Neville delivered Danny...] Rachel acts like a prisoner to try to convince Brad to tell her where his pendant is, and she'll ask a "rebel guard" to keep it safe. But, he won't tell, as he now knows that she's the reason that Monroe even knows about the pendants. [oh, snap!] She then tells him the truth - she kept mum right up until Danny arrived. Brad's daughter is also there, and she'll be the one tortured alongside Danny. [that sucks!]

Flashback: Three years before the blackout, Ben, Brad, and Grace were in a lab and built a device that sucks electricity - as opposed to generating it, like their goal. They can, however, turn it back on after they suck it from a room, and the Department of Defense offers them a contract. Rachel freaks out, afraid that it could be used as a weapon. But, after she learns that in-womb Danny is missing a blood vessel and will likely not survive the stress of delivery, it is implied that she cooperates in order to get a spot in a medical trial.
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