Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Go On: Mr. K. as a Nanny, Ryan Still Misses Janie

The premise of the episode was that Ryan can't give up his wedding ring but still manages to invite Simone to move in with him. I was a little surprised that he is trying so hard to make things work with the girl (whom I'm hoping is leaving soon...), but at least it didn't come together in the end. Also, reunion of Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford! I was so excited to see Danny and Matt back together (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, people!), although the Hughie character was not exactly amazing. I doubt we'll be seeing Danny/Bradley/Hughie often, as it struck me as a one-time thing. And, speaking of one-time things, I'm a little sad that Mr. K. will not regularly nanny for Anne's children... he was really fun to watch in that care-taking role. 

Go On "Ring and a Miss" (S01E17): First, the fun plot, even if it's without Ryan... Anne's nanny quits so Mr. K. fills in, acting as a male Mary Poppins. [and part Maria from Sound of Music as well.] Anne gets upset that he has such wild activities going on, but in the end the kids are happy... so happy that they was him to comfort them rather than her. Asking his advice, she learns that she must be sillier, and she learns to communicate with the kids. [haha that he leaped off the roof in an attempt to fly with an umbrella.]
Byron Cohen/NBC
Simone and Ryan pretend to act out an Italian love scene by reading a menu. [I thought that this was really fun!] He slips up and calls her "Janie," and then gets his wedding ring caught on the curtain at the restaurant, clearly indicating that he's not actually moving on quite yet. [haha, everyone has meetings without Yolanda to bash her!] Ryan asks the group (minus Lauren and Simone) for advice, and Steven joins in to say that he shouldn't rush things. So, Ryan throws his ring into the backyard, only to run after it, and Simone winds up leaving. Steven takes him out, where he realizes that single life isn't the greatest thing ever, so drives to San Francisco to ask Simone to move in with him. Well, she's with Marco, her former flame, and says that Ryan must want her for her, not to replace Janie. [well put! I couldn't have been so concise!] He comes home to a re-decorated place (thanks to Carrie), but he is alone. Well, not completely alone... apparently he and Janie had a cat that he's just now remembering. [how? cats have come up multiple times this season!]
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