Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HIMYM: Time and Space

I thought the bed gimmick was kinda stupid but laughed at the welcome mat scale. Similarly, I liked the window but not the sprinklers or the kitchen floor chute (especially with the repeated visuals of that one!). Or the Oz face thing. Of course, I found a lot of other flaws in this episode as well, like how quick the overwhelming number of Downton Abbey-esque jokes got old. And, while I'm still excited about Robin and Barney getting married (I think...), I'm intrigued that she has fallen hard enough for him that his quirks don't bother her any more. Getting past the Playbook was one thing, but loving his souped-up apartment just because it's his was something else. Now, if only we could have some classic Lily-and-Marshall instead of the current relationship we're seeing...
How I Met Your Mother "The Fortress" (S08E19): Barney and Robin are weeks away from tying the knot and haven't decided where they're going to live. [haha. having gotten married while still in graduate school, this wasn't a problem for me... and I guess it's never occurred to me that others might argue about this!] Robin wants to find a new place instead of living in one of their apartments, but Barney is reluctant to sell his bachelor pad. After Ted isn't interested in the special features of the place, Robin takes charge and hosts an open house. [I don't think I could do that without my husband's blessing!] It doesn't look good, but they do wind up selling the place... until Robin finds out that the buyers want to change everything about it so she chases them off. 

Other than this, Lily has been working a lot because the Captain calls her at all hours. Marshall is left to spend his time with Marvin and Ted, and the two even pretend to be married at Robin's open house. [it didn't come off as funny as it could have, though.]
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