Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last Man Standing: Mandy Hams it Up, Ryan Fights Bill

Although Mandy is constantly portrayed as unintelligent and ditzy, her confusion over the typewriter disturbed me. No "monitor" but she still thought that she would type on it and it would later print? The other plotline was even worse... I found Ryan punching someone as strange as the next person, but Boyd then being completely terrified of his father AND Mike thinking it was a "good thing" were beyond my sense of humor. And, what kind of season-ticket-holders don't wear team colors? The folks behind the Baxters wear purple but the leading family does not? I found that ridiculously unbelievable. I gave this story my best McKayla Maroney face, and I mean it - I was not impressed. One episode left in the season, and the series is once again milking the guest appearances of those once affiliated with Tim Allen - Jonathan Taylor Thomas is set to play one of Kristin's former coworkers. I continue to stand by the belief that this season, as a whole, is not as good as the first, so I won't be heartbroken if the series fails to receive an order for a third set of installments.

Last Man Standing "The Fight" (S02E17): [I'm going to start with the "B" story because I found it more charming.] Vanessa and Mike take away Mandy's electronic devices so she'll be forced to concentrate on her history paper. Mandy looks all over the house for her laptop and smartphone, but stumbles upon Mike's ham radio and uses it to talk to Kyle. She falls in love with the idea that anyone around the world could be listening - she even calls it better than Twitter. [haha, "re-ham"] She gets help on her history paper from Ed and others on the radio and winds up doing well.
Ryan acts like he is morally opposed to making Boyd do his homework, but he really just doesn't want to deal with holding his child responsible. [yay, more reasons to hate Ryan!] He then lets Boyd miss school to go to an opening day baseball game... to which Mike also takes Eve. Bill has the season tickets next to Mike's, and acts like a drunken buffoon, pouring a beer on Boyd and taking the kid's ball. [what a TERRIBLE guy!] Ryan punches the guy, and Bill presses charges. ["I don't think so, Mike." how many people tuned in just to hear that? also, Kristin doesn't see to care that Boyd missed school, so why did Ryan plan on keeping it a secret?? I think something was removed...] Ryan and Kristin are called into school when Boyd draws a picture of his father being violent. [holy cow!] Plus, Boyd is now afraid of Ryan, so Ryan decides to take Boyd to another game and demonstrate an apology to Bill. [Mike has four season tickets? and Vanessa is okay with that? Remember how upset Jill was when Tim bought Pistons season tickets on Home Improvement?] Bill beats Ryan to the apology, but Ryan winds up accidentally hitting Bill when he puts on his jacket. [that was just stupid.] Mike helps Boyd to understand that Ryan is a good guy. [but still instills a little fear.]
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