Sunday, April 7, 2013

Go On: Hiding from Your Feelings

A joke about the Cathy comic strip?? Love it. It was so out of left field that I wasn't even sure I heard correctly at first! Airing on Thursday nights instead of Tuesdays? Don't love it. I think that the competition is stiffer on Thursdays, though maybe I'm just a tiny demographic that would find conflict in the new time slot. What do you think about the series moving to Thursdays? It doesn't matter all that much in long run, anyway, as the season finale is next week. That's right, we're still only in the first season of this show, which can be a little odd when you think about how much has happened... Ryan tried to return to work after losing his wife but was forced to join a therapy group, and not only is he already set to start dating again but the group leader has gotten engaged and is about to be married... I just feel like a real-life scenario wouldn't have been this rushed... am I wrong?

Go On "Fast Breakup" (S01E21): There's a party for Ryan reaching #1 in the ratings, and he soon develops a rivalry with the basketball mascot for KBAL. [haha, I just got the play on the station's name!]
Justin Lubin/NBC
That night, Ryan thinks Lauren drunk-dialed him, so he goes to tell Lauren that he can't be with her. Turns out, Lauren didn't call, but she really does want to get out of her engagement to Wyatt. [yikes!] Ryan encourages her to be honest ASAP, but she chickens out and tries to make crazy demands so Wyatt would call off the wedding. Instead, he accepts them. [this can't end well...] 

Back at the office, Ryan learns that Carrie was the one who called him, and he uses the mascot costume to avoid talking to her. Lauren tells him that he needs to deal with the situation, but then they decide to swap the tasks of breaking the bad news to those close to them. [loved the themed stripper for Lauren's bachelorette party! but at a restaurant??] Ryan winds up doing the opposite, telling Wyatt that Lauren doesn't want to wait another month but wants to marry immediately, and get right on the baby-making as well. [holy cow! how do you mess up this badly?!?] Wyatt and Lauren wind up calling off everything, but Lauren having relationship issues makes the group trust her less. [I didn't really think about that. odd, as I have done a lot of studies on the effectiveness of rulers who have problematic family lives...]

And, back on Carrie, Lauren did a great job fixing the situation, but Ryan comes clean. Carrie won't date her boss, so she quits, putting the ball in his court. [I was super-surprised by this!]
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