Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Awesomes: Pilot, Part 2

by Christopher Scott
Hulu Original Series The Awesomes
The Awesomes "Pilot, Part 2" (S01E02): G’day mates! I’m back to review the second part of the pilot episode for The Awesomes. Here we go, try to keep up!

Picking up from where we left off, our newly formed team has run into their first villain, evil doer, trash monster. Compost is a sentient blob of garbage. How hard could this be? I seem to defeat garbage every Thursday by wheeling it out to the street from the garage.

In typical team-building fashion, every hero has his or her own way of getting things done. Prock needs to lead this team, but he is hesitant and green around the gills. After a few minutes of getting their butts whooped they finally come together and … are saved by Perfect Man! Hooray Perfect Man!!!

Even though Perfect Man steals their spotlight, the producer of Superhero Now invites the team to appear on his show to reintroduce The Awesomes to the world. After a few flashbacks to the glory days, the host begins to interview Prock on his leadership skills. Well …. more like he begins to chastise Prock for being an awful hero in front of his audience (which includes the Sasquatch from the animated Jacks Links Beef Jerks commercials that air during the show. Ha, nice).

The host then brings out his next guest, Dr. Malocchio, the “reformed” super villain. Question: If Dr. Malocchio can control people’s minds and we haven’t developed some sort of defense against it, why didn’t he just control the minds of his jury and not go to jail in the first place? Dr. Malocchio makes some good points during the interview as if he has the world’s best interests at heart by eliminating all super powered beings. Using some secret ray gun, he demonstrates it on a villain who interrupts the broadcast. It’s starting to remind me of the plot of X-Men 3 at this point. I didn’t like X-Men 3.

After the interview Prock find out he needs to add one more member to the team before he can qualify for government funding of The Awesomes. Holding a series of tryouts, the team adds Hotwire to the roster. Prock needed a love interest I guess, so … now he has one. She can control electricity somehow, but it’s not really clear how well she does it or how useful it can be. Also, she’s a new hero with no background, which has Concierge on her guard.

Just as the team is getting their drink on in celebration, they are attacked once more. This time The Animal Kingdom comes knocking! Like Care Bears, but strong and evil. A slick move by Prock and some more good old-fashioned teamwork, and that threat is eliminated. Nice job guys! Everything wraps up nicely, The Awesomes get their funding and ….. whoa, wait.

Hotwire is dating Perfect Man? Well that was unexpected. I figured she was gonna turn out to be Dr. Malocchio’s daughter. I guess she could be both. If she winds up being both, will that mean that every episode another bombshell will drop about her background? Ugh! I guess we will find out in the coming episodes. I hope you’re enjoying the show! Keep stopping by TheBTalkingBox for the latest episode recaps and comment below to let your voice be heard!
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