Friday, January 31, 2014

Elementary - Bones and Brains

Randy and Holmes are getting closer and Holmes and Watson seem too comfortable for drama. Luckily, dinosaur bones and warring paleontologists save the day and provide an interesting storyline. That, and hearing Holmes forced to recommend against Randy's drug-loving ex-girlfriend made up for the guest star of the episode being a rock...
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Elementary "Dead Clade Walking" (S02E14): Preparing to drill through a skull, Holmes is interrupted with a few text messages from Randy, who's having issues going to group. Watson has brought in a woman named Gay to help go through Holmes' old case files and in looking into a black rock, discover a dinosaur in it.

The duo goes to a museum's fossil curator for guidance on what to do next. After learning it was the skeleton of a nano-tyrannous and worth a small fortune, Holmes goes into full detective mode. He immerses himself into the murder case that directed them to the rock.  Apparently, the first time around he was using drugs when working the case. Holmes is called away to help Randy stem off his drug-loving ex while Watson continues the 'collage.'

Watson uncovers a fleet of ice cream trucks owned by the best friend of the victim that might be smuggling illegal goods around New York. During interrogation, the best friend admits to dropping the rock off for safe keeping and thought the killer took the rock. In the meantime, fake I.C.E. agents steal the rock from the police evidence room.

With Gregson running down the obvious stuff on the fake I.C.E. officers, the duo go to see a friend of Holmes', 'C,' with whom he exchanges erotic letters. She runs an auction house and suggests Holmes look into 'Magpie,' who only contacts those who have something he wants. Holmes sets about creating a fake set of Martin Luther's rough drafts of letters that later became the Ninety-Five Theses.

Interrupted again by Randy's issues with his ex-girlfriend, Holmes takes a firm line on the subject and Randy walks out on him. They get a hit on the fake Theses through email and arrange a meeting only to find a dead man, alongside what appears to be a smashed rock and fossil. Gregson and police confirm this but the motive to destroy the fossil is still unknown.

Digging further into the rock the nano-tyrannous was enclosed in, Holmes discovers it would have verified a theory named 'Dead Clade Walking' by being buried above the KT layer. They invite the most vocal opponents of the theory and ask for a DNA sample, but the match points to a clearly innocent man. Holmes determines, via the Magpie's sales records, that someone bought different fossilized pieces for the same dinosaur and traced it back to the fossil curator at the museum. Learning that he was partners with the suspect who couldn't have done it, Holmes postulated that a shared tool had left DNA at the crime scene and they had killed to maintain their academic reputation and books sales.

Randy visits and admits to getting high and then breaking up with his ex. Holmes offers to accompany him to a meeting...
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