Thursday, January 9, 2014

RETURNING: The Exes: Phil and Eden's Relationship

I understand why characters within ensembles wind up becoming "involved" with one another, as it's been happening since my earliest television viewing - Who's the Boss and Saved by the Bell being examples. But, I still don't have to like it. Why not bring in new characters for this purpose, like Mike for Phoebe on Friends? Or Amy and Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory? Back to The Exes, Phil and Eden's relationship didn't last too terribly long, but because of each person's close relationship with Holly, their paths will inevitably have to cross, forcing awkward moments and sexual tension. I'm hoping for some hilarity out of this, but I also think that there will be complications that aren't so great. Still, let's look at the various issues that frustrated the couple while they were together...

The Exes "True Lies" (S03E11): Haskell simply congratulates Phil for being intimate with Eden, but Stuart wants to talk about it. [of course he does.] Holly is upset with Eden until she apologizes, but the girls start chatting it up, and Eden admits to faking orgasms to keep Phil feeling good about himself. Holly soon blabs this to Stuart and Haskell, the latter of whom has been faking food orgasms over the former's meals. [that was weird.] Stuart, in a huff, tells Phil, who immediately confronts Eden, who, in turn, lies, saying that she had to make up something to get things right with Holly. This placates Phil, but Holly de-friends Eden over it, thinking Eden is lying to her. Meanwhile, Haskell tries to apologize to Stuart, then breaks out a lie detector to get to the bottom of everything. But, Eden won't take it. [can't blame her. I wouldn't volunteer for one of those, either!] She admits to "faking it," meaning that she lies to Phil, not Holly. Eden dumps Phil because dating him is like dating the whole group, but they make up shortly thereafter. [seeing her tiny place was kinda interesting.]  

The Exes "How the Grinch Spent Xmas" (S03E12): It's Christmas Eve and Phil is worried about what to get Eden to send the "right" message, so he plans to find out what she got him, then match it. [like Sheldon with Penny! and haha at Stuart's Listerine under the mistletoe!] Phil puts Haskell in charge of figuring it out, and he learns it's a hot, sexy video, sop Phil decides to follow suit with a striptease.

Holly is traveling from London and meets a great guy on the plane and invites him to join the party. However, he can't get through Customs and Border Protection because his passport has been flagged, so she wants to spend Christmas in the airport, upsetting the gang. [uh, yeah!] This causes a chain reaction, as Eden and Phil wanted to spend the holiday in a cabin in Vermont, and Haskell wanted to go home to his mother. The trio decides to placate Stuart a bit before taking off, but rushing through his planned activities means they quickly learn that Holly gave awesome gifts this year. [awwww!] They decide to pack up the seven-course meal and head to the airport to support Holly in her search for love. [that's really sweet!] Meanwhile, at the airport, the guy finds out that he'll be allowed in the country of Costa Rica, so he asks Holly to accompany him. The gang shows up at the airport and can't find her, but continue giving gifts - Eden gave Phil workout clothes, not a sex tape, and that offends him. [haha!] Phil winds up sending everyone the sexy video he made, not just Eden. [haha, his Nana!]

The Exes "Nothing in Common" (S03E13): A woman named Donna hits on Phil at the bar, and it turns out that she wants a three-some with Phil and Eden. [how random!] Eden says that she'll consider it, but only after having a drink, getting to know the woman, etc. The night starts off on the right foot, but the woman soon starts bawling, and Phil makes things awkward. [I can't handle people who are that attached to pets. I just roll my eyes and walk away.]
Stuart's sister, Nicki, shows up, upset that her husband of 17 years has cheated on her, though she doesn't know the details. Haskell is interested in the woman, stuttering in her presence. Stuart heads to Staten Island to talk to his brother-in-law, Tommy, but discovers that the cop is cheating on Nicki with a man, which is why he won't try counseling. [ooooh...] When Stuart tells Nicki, she's overly surprised, but does decide to return home to talk to her husband.

The Exes "Bachelor Party" (S03E14): Phil has been named among the top ten most eligible bachelors in NYC, but Eden doesn't consider him "eligible," causing a rift. [why is he that "wanted" ? he JUST started his own business, so it can't be that successful yet!] The gang is excited to attend, and Holly gets her eyebrows done... only to have them completely removed! [omg!] Eden puts some on her, but they're not steady, causing Holly's flirting at the party to go just as awry. [too much for me, though.] Eden decides to go to the party after all, to be supportive (but really to spy on Phil). But, she has to act like she's not with Phil, so she decides to hang out with her friends for the night. Later, when the two talk about their relationship, they realize that Phil is committed, but Eden is not, so they decide to just be friends. [an anti-climactic ending to their relationship!]

Stuart thinks he sees Sabrina at the bar, but it turns out to be her twin sister, Julie. Haskell wonders if it's really Sabrina, playing a fast one on Stuart, so the dentist decides to check for a tattoo to make sure. However, he is caught using a dental mirror to look up her skirt during the tango, so that ends. [what are the odds she'd know how to tango? he does find out that she really was a twin, though!]

Also, Haskell tries "height helpers" at the party, but he falls over and quickly loses his chances with the woman he was wooing.
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