Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Middle: Making Peace

When I first watched this episode, I was a bit stunned by how Brick grabbed onto the Buddhist principles. But, then I remembered my own reactions when I realized how much bad there was in the world... I was 13 or 14, and it was hurricane season in Florida. There was a storm headed for us, and I didn't really care what happened - the way I looked at it, what was meant to be would be, and there was nothing you could do to stop it. I had much the same outlook through college, though I have since become a bit more concerned. Still, however one is able to make peace with problems works for me, plus Brick's new outlook on life may come up again, much the way Lisa Simpson's vegetarianism has been written into that show. Sue's peace with Derrick constantly kissing her to shut her up, however, kinda backfired, and I foresee some awkward moments between her and both Derrick and Darrin in the future!

The Middle "Sleepless in Orson" (S05E10): Brick has been extra weird lately, wanting to spend a lot of time with Mike and Frankie. [haha, I kinda figured it wasn't going to be Sue from the tone somehow.] Turns out, he has become aware of what is happened in the world around him, and he is afraid of break-ins, roof collapses, radiation, food poisoning, parasites, and just about anything that could happen. When Mike and Frankie cannot assuage his fears, they take him to see a therapist, who suggests he exercise to take his mind off the issues. [really? that's the best the guy could come up with?] However, he winds up breaking a goblet and then reading about Buddhism when he goes to fix it. The idea that one should picture everything as broken before it is comforts him. Mike, however, begins to be a bit paranoid.

Axl and Sean find out that Darrin has hired some extra "bosses" for Boss Co., and demand he fire them. However, this leaves them with a snow shoveling job that they don't want to do, and they're eventually fired from it. [funny that they thought they'd just watch the sun melt the snow!] 

Derrick Glossner hangs out at the mall to see Sue, stealing money from the fountains to pay for a potato. [haha!] She tells him it's not okay to kiss her without her consent, but he does it again anyway, repeatedly.
ABC/Michael Ansell
That is, until he stops, realizing that he isn't good enough for her, but not before Darrin sees. The a/c student has become fed up with the needy Angel and was going to attempt making up with Sue when he sees her kissing the neighborhood boy. [what do you think Derrick is going to do to "make something of himself" ??]
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