Monday, May 19, 2014

Season Finale: Bob's Burgers: Danger at the Pier

Bob's Burgers is a funny show, even though it's rather absurd at times and I can't always point my finger at why it's funny. The antics of the seaside town and its inhabitants continue to amuse me, even if they aren't amusing others. That's right... even though it has been renewed for another season, the numbers aren't great, and we'll be passing on continuing to recap and remark upon the series on a regular basis, though we do plan on doing special features on future holiday episodes. Plus, with FOX changing their scheduling strategy in the fall, I'm really curious as to how that will affect this program's viewership as well...

Bob's Burgers "Wharf Horse (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part 1)" (S04E21): The kids are out flyering the wharf and run into Mr. Fischoeder, who is also trying to get more business. Then, they find out that the carousel is being torn down, sparking Tina to attempt to save her favorite horse... and Louise to bike-lock her sister to it. It doesn't last, as one might expect. [getting on the news was cool. as was Tina still caring about horses.]

Mr. Fischoeder's brother, Felix, offers Bob an upscale bistro location as long as he keeps Calvin occupied for a while, so Bob claims it's "Take-Your-Landlord-to-Lunch Day" and they head to the island, but Linda lets the plan slip before they even reach the ferry. [Mr. Fischoeder fell for that??] Fortunately, they continue with the plans as Felix tries to get investors to agree to build condos over the amusement park. Gene, Louise, Bob, and Mr. Fishoeder ride the rollercoaster at the wharf, forcing Fischoeder to realize that he never wants to sell the place.

Bob's Burgers "World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part 2)" (S04E22): Felix ties Bob and Fischoeder to a pole under the pier so that they'll die when the tide comes in. [really?]
They call Linda for help, but she can't hear them and thinks it's a pocket-dial. He manages to text that he's "tired yo," thanks to auto-correct. [Linda is so funny!] Louise figures out the real message, but the next text, which reveals the location, they can't decipher. They head out into town and run into Felix at the wharf, and tell him that they fear for his brother's safety. But, then they see him heading under the pier, so they take off on paddle boats to chase him. Things get even worse when but Fannie, Felix's girlfriend, threatens to kill everyone, so it's up to Linda to save them all. [Calvin covering for Felix though??] 
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