Thursday, June 19, 2014

SEASON FINALE: Melissa & Joey: Married, with Another Child

I'm calling it. This show has jumped the shark. Mel and Joe are now an inseparable thing, and they've brought on a younger character. AND there's the inevitable fertility storyline in the pipeline as well. Countless series have tried similar ideas, and not all of them live to tell the tale, which is a shame. It was probably one of the better things the comedy could have done, given the dynamics and personalities of the core four on this program, but it might have been a better call to just wrap it up and move on. Who agrees?
Melissa & Joey "At Last" (S03E37): Lennox gets back from learning Zander is cheating on her, so she tries to sleep with Marco, but he won't be a piece of meat. The next day, however, they get busy... and Marco thinks they're on the fast track to living together. [... what now??!?]

Felicia comes to get Dani, but the teen doesn't want to be on the road with a band for six more months, so she asks to stay with Joe and Mel. [the girl just met her father and she feels comfortable living with the man? She doesn't know anything about him or his lifestyle!] Mel is a bit surprised, but has faith they can work it all out. But, Dani had seen Joe and his mother fight, so she runs away... to the roof. Mel mends things with Dani, and then falls off the roof, breaking her leg. [you're kidding me! what's the purpose of doing this??] Joe and a morphine-high Mel wind up getting married in the hospital room, thanks to Ryder, who got ordained online that morning. [shaking my head...] 
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Anonymous said...

I agree. As soon as the daugher showed up in the cab, it marked the beginning of the end. Also, having a character go online to become a minister to marry another character is becoming a hack premise. It's been a decent show that would have never lasted more than two seasons on a major network. I really only watch now to see Melissa Joan Hart.