Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mistresses: Not a Dom Fan

I've decided that I don't like Dom. I don't know that I ever really cared for him, but now I'm actually against him. Even if Savi isn't with the gorgeous Australian, surely she could do better than this bully of a man! The way he acted at lunch with Zack was deplorable, and I can't say I enjoy seeing him interact in the workplace, either. Toss in the fact that I don't find him attractive, and I'm over his character. I don't know that we'll actually be so lucky, but at this point I think it's safe to say that the primetime soap will get a third season... which only means that situations will only get more tangled!

Mistresses "What Do You Really Want" (S02E06): Lucy goes to a party where she receives a Gucci purse, which April wants her to return because of its high value. [boo.] April takes it back and gets invited over for a double-date, but it turns into a girls' night when Daniel's "flight" is "cancelled." When Sam's husband, Steve, gets home and makes a move on April, she leaves, and comes clean with Sam the next day, only to learn that the family has an open marriage. April's surprise makes Sam feels judged. [don't tell me April has been the only one to be caught off-guard by that news.] Later, Sam apologizes and tells April that she saw a red-headed woman with Daniel. [Lucy's side story about feeling guilty for bullying a classmate didn't tie in that well.]
Karen continues to play escort/prostitute, but hits it off with one guy who comes looking for her at the bar. She blows off the guy she was talking to, and when they're stripping one another, an earthquake happens. The next morning, she tells him that she has wondered if her husband died as a punishment because she cheated on him. [did we know Karen was a widow?] He asks her out on a proper date, and she gets freaked out because of her false identity.

Harry and Savi are now divorced, and now that he's not tied down to LA, he plans to move back to Australia to take over a restaurant whose owner he idolized growing up. Joss tries to change his mind by showing him how great he is at fancy culinary dishes, thanks to a scrapbook Savi made over the past 13 years. [awww. I can't believe he didn't know it existed!] Meanwhile, Savi talks with Zack and realizes that she still really wants a baby, so she tells Dom. He isn't sure that he's ready, as he wants to get a new place, get married, and take an extravagant trip before having kids. [standard bucket list, really.] He decides to go with the baby-making plan, but then sees Savi out in public with Zack and isn't sure what to think.

Mistresses "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" (S02E07): Karen makes plans to see Jacob, and he ends another relationship so they can be together... but Karen learns that his ex is none other than Anna. [oooh. this should be interesting...]

Karen tells April that she needs to confront Daniel about her trust concerns, so she invites herself along on a Vermont trip. At first, he says there are termites and they'll have to go someplace else, but when she pushes the point, he admits he's married. [omg.] Even after he apologizes, April shoots him down. But, she goes running back to him anyway. [ugh.]

Dom tells Savi that he saw her with Zack, and after she explains who he is, they all plan to have lunch together. [I don't like Dom's attitude.] Zack admits that he might want more than friendship, so Savi ends all contact. Then, Harry tells Savi that he's moving back to Australia. [when it rains, it pours!] 

When Scott gets texts from patients and they come up to him when he's out, Joss gets jealous. So, when he's hours late getting home, she jumps on him before learning that he had a patient die on the table. [ouch!] She apologizes, they make up, and he asks her to move in with him. [what?!? already?!? we know he's a player, look at his show closet!]
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