Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mistresses: Not Moving

I'm really happy that Lucy wasn't disappointed in having a nail-art birthday party. With the way she's been acting lately, it would be completely believable that she wouldn't be happy with an at-home party, regardless of the theme. And, nail-art is so simple... I don't know that I could draw out a three-hour event around it, but I'm glad that it worked. However, Lucy taking up half of April's screentime makes me less interested in the shoppe owner, and I think that's a shame. Similarly, I like that Harry is sticking around, as instead of eating up part of Savi's portion, he shares the screen with Joss now, and she's my least favorite. 

Mistresses "An Affair to Surrender" (S02E08): Karen is advised to transfer Anna as a patient so she can keep seeing Jacob. But, she doesn't want to let down Anna, so she breaks up with Jacob by telling him her therapist thinks it's too soon for her to date. [major eye rolls!]
But, Anna disappears. [figures.] Karen admits the truth to Jacob, and then Anna shows up again, thanking Karen profusely. Very soon afterward, Anna sees Jacob and Karen kissing. [ugh. but I should have seen that coming!]

April gets angry at Daniel, but continues to go back to him, despite telling Lucy that they're over. [how annoying!] Lucy's friend gets teased when her parents' unfaithfulness is uncovered, causing April to realize she can't continue sleeping with Daniel, because of how it must hurt his wife. [guess we'll have to start from scratch there!] 

Toni is nice to Savi, but Savi doesn't have time to think about her as she now has to be out of her home in a week because of a pushed-up closure. However, between hating every condo she sees and reminiscing with the girls about the memories being in the house, she realizes she can't leave, ad plans to buy-out Harry. [um, sidenote...Savi has hairy forearms.]

Speaking of Harry, looks like he's staying after all, too, thanks to Joss. After starting the process of moving in with Scott (and admitting she loves him), she learns he owns 10% of a new restaurant, being run by Greta. [can we talk about how quickly they're moving in together? they only met five episodes ago!] When they go to visit, she's offered a chance to plan the opening event, which could lead to a permanent position as the in-house party planner, but she can't stand the food. Scott doesn't want to say anything, so Joss steals some of Harry's dishes to bring over for Greta to try. [how very weird!] Harry is offered the position of head chef, so he'll be staying in town! [but he'll need a place to live now...]

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