Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Switched at Birth: The Biggest Twist Ever

Hello, plot twist! I don't know that anyone could have seen the end of the season coming! That final moment when Bay decides that she cares more about her sister's future than her own was astonishing. Stupid and astonishing, really. So much is going to change in the next season, and I can't even begin to imagine what a broad arena of themes will be explored. I'm not looking forward to seeing Bay's situation in the coming episodes, nor John/Kathryn/Regina's reactions to what the young woman did. On the flip side, I'm chomping at the bit to see the next moves of Toby, Emmett, and Travis! What do you think about what's inevitably ahead?
Switched at Birth "And Life Begins Right Away" (S03E21): Daphne has been voted to give the commencement speech at graduation, and she tells the story of how she came to deaf education, thanks to Emmett. [why do some of the kids wear leis?] Travis's mother is late, but attends the graduation, and even signs to Travis that she's proud of him. [good for her learning a sign a day via an app!] The future of Carlton is over, as budget cuts will be closing the school for good. Strangely, Melody doesn't seem to care, as she's focused on her UMKC project.

Bay announces to John & Kathryn that she'd like to move to Los Angeles with Emmett. When John insists she have an understanding on how to accomplish that, she puts together a realistic plan, thanks to $5,000 in start-up money that's part of what Angelo left to her. [John instigating signs!] She'll work at the LA County Museum of Art and take classes at CalArts. [decent plan, Bay!] John and Kathryn open up to the idea, until they learn that Bay hid the fact that she got an MRI to learn about her predisposition to an aneurysm. [I don't think that was a sign of immaturity.]

Wes returns from Hawaii, and decides to keep it to himself that Daphne was involved in the East Riverside Project vandalism. [he also decides to pull out of the project completely, making the entire plotline a device to showcase Daphne's disturbed mind.] But, she's still arrested, as there is physical evidence. Daphne could face three years in prison if convicted, as it's a second strike, and even a plea deal and financial restitution would get her 90 days to six months, effectively ruining her shot at becoming a doctor. [I was unaware of that rule.] There's a warrant out for Nacho, but he has seemingly vanished. [hmmm...] Regina believes that Wes turned in Daphne because he made a pass at Regina that she pushed away, but it turns out to be fingerprints on the tractor. She decides to just turn herself in rather than party, but Bay decides to take the fall, and claims Daphne's fingerprints were only there because she tried to stop Bay. [and Daphne lets Bay do so, even though she knows Emmett won't go to LA without his girlfriend.]

Oh, and Nikki wants an annulment, which seems to surprise Toby more than I would've guessed.
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