Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Switched at Birth: Losing the Realism

I can't speak enough about how important it is to have someone looking out for you. Not every kid has advocates for parents, so when other adults (like Melody for Travis) get involved and fight for a level playing field, it makes me happy. It's a very fine line, however, especially on this show with all of the privilege the Kennishes abuse. Similarly, Angelo received $5M and blew through it, while Regina just got $1M and doesn't even seem to be using it for Daphne's college (and potentially medical school) fund! But, as usual, the drama isn't focused on how money isn't an issue - this episode featured the kids skipping school while Kathryn enjoys the life of a professional writer in New York. Can we try to bring it back around to the realistic side of the show, please?

Switched at Birth "You Will Not Escape" (S03E19): Daphne and Natalie lead the seniors in a ditch day at Hawkeye Ranch, which recently opened for the season. She asks Nacho to bring beer, and he arrives with it as well as a posse, complete with a girl he's seeing. [I don't know why I was surprised.] Daphne gets drunk and kisses Travis, who isn't interested, and Sharee later drives her home. [Daphne needs an intervention, you guys!] 
Other schools are ditching the same day, though, so when Bay sees Jennifer (Matthew's cousin), she sends Emmett on an errand to try to keep them from meeting. But, Jennifer comes up to Bay and then Emmett, upsetting Bay, as Jennifer was so astonished by the love Emmett showed so much for an imaginary person. [still kinda creepy, though.]

Regina gets the full pay-out of $1,000,000 from Angelo's life insurance, and John offers his financial adviser to help her with investments. Daphne considers it blood money, but Regina decides to use it to help Melody get the deaf college program off the ground. Daphne is happy about that, but maintains her anger with Regina, going as far as saying that she has never been her mother. [yikes.] Melody lets Travis (who withdrew from school to start the job at the loading dock) know about the program now that it's funded, and convinces him that he belongs in college. [yay, Melody!] Oh, and speaking of college, Emmett is accepted into the USC film school, and Bay thinks that he should not only go, but that she should go with him. [with no plans of her own whatsoever...] Oh, and while we're on Bay? She gets an MRI and has no aneurysms to worry about.

Kathryn has the opportunity to spend a day in New York to promote her book, and chooses Regina as her +1. [I still don't get why.] A guy she slept with years ago reads part of the book and sees himself in a character, and to ditch him, Kathryn pretends to be *with* Regina. [I'm not sure I like where this series is going...] Kathryn's favorite author wants to include Batter Up in a syllabus for a class about Jane Austen contemporaries, thrilling Kathryn. [also, you'd think SENATOR John would be more upset about Kathryn's "open marriage" being broadcast on Twitter!] 
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