Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mistresses: Curiosity

Joss lusting over Harry is rather out-of-nowhere, as was April calling him for help. I'm wondering if his contract demands a certain amount of screentime each episode or something... and if it also requires gratuitous toplessness...
Anyway, I'm kinda curious as to how April's shop actually does... it seems that they don't have a lot of extra money (this time, adorable Lucy can't go on a trip to Tahoe with her friends), but it's not like April is really working to develop extra work to sell or anything, either. And how did Karen's husband die? And how did Savi convince Harry to move abroad? I feel like this drama is constantly forcing me to yearn for additional background information, which it probably doesn't intend to give.

Mistresses "Coming Clean" (S02E09): Anna learns that Karen is the reason Jacob dumped her, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. She's been lying about everything from being an escort to living in Beverly Hills. [wow. I wonder how Karen feels about her own escort days now that she knows this!] Jacob suggests that, because Anna is a pathological liar, Karen pass her on to another doctor. Anna also says she wants to see another doctor, though she does share that she moved to the US when she was 17, having married her English teacher. But, she hadn't even dated before, and wasn't "ready" on their wedding night, so the relationship ultimately didn't work out. [no real surprise!] Neither did the one after that, as the men just leave her. [something tells met that Karen's not going to be able to ditch her now!]

Harry walks around topless, jostling Joss, so she sets him up with a long-time friend, Stephanie, to avoid temptation. [does that fact that he was married to her sister mean nothing to her??] Speaking of Savi, she works on getting Dom back, planning a trip for them to Costa Rica. But, he tells her that she can't skip over the tough parts of a relationship. Joss tells her that she has "daddy issues," which is why she only does well with people who need her - and Dom doesn't. [ooohhh...] So, Savi goes to see her father, and realizes that he doesn't care for her in the same way he cares for his stepchildren. Meanwhile, Toni takes a job at another law firm, and when Dom treats her to a few celebratory drinks, he learns that Savi bought Harry out of their house. [Savi hadn't told Dom??] Dom and Toni wind up sleeping together. [good. I don't like Dom.]

Paul calls April, as he may be headed to jail and doesn't want Lucy to find out via television news. [just how is April supposed to mitigate that??] April begins to feel paranoid that someone is after her when she sees a guy in her store and later in the parking garage. [ugh.] She later hears back from Paul that he's NOT going to turn himself in. [creepy guy now knows she talks to Paul...]
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