Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Under the Dome: The Abyss

The last thing this show needs is more romance. I don't care about Barbie and Julia, but I care even less about Joe and Norrie, especially if they're going to turn into a will-they-or-won't-they couple. Speaking of the teens, it occurred to me that it's going to be tough to stretch this series into five seasons (like the EPs hope to do), as there's months between filming but the kids are going to visibly age more than the couple weeks each season's stories seem to run. But, that's a future problem, and I don't know that there's a definitive future at this point... at least the pink stars are back!
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Under the Dome "In the Dark" (S02E06): The red rain dried out the topsoil, so now that the wind has picked up, dirt is blowing everywhere. This could cause a suffocation concern if the Dome gets covered, so BigJim tries to get the citizens to spread water into the air to get everything under control. It takes some time because the people don't trust BigJim, but soon they're working on hoisting a giant windmill. [I don't think BigJim knows what he's doing, though.]

Junior and Sam start exploring the tunnel, following footprints. Half a mile in, Rebecca calls for backup, and Barbie gets there just in time to save Junior from a booby trap. [can we find out HOW that tunnel got there and how Lyle knew about it??] Junior goes back the way he came and gets medical attention while Barbie and Sam continue on, unable to return through the cave-in. They reach a fork and split up, but the paths merge and they come upon an abyss that seems to be outside of the Dome. [interesting.] Junior goes to take care of the other "hands" while Julia and Rebecca look up maps of the cement factory tunnels, only to realize they go nowhere near the school. [this adds up with the fact that Sam and Barbie believe they're outside of the Dome walls.] To reach the guys, Rebecca mixes chemicals to make a bomb. [she's really proving to be quite skilled, eh?] As that happens, Barbie makes Sam tell him about the night Melanie died, and we hear about how Lyle killed her. Then, Barbie sees Angie's scratches on Sam and hears about Pauline's prophetic journal, which Sam believes means the hands must all die. He jumps off into the nothingness moments before Julia reaches Barbie. [Comic-Con suggested only one person was getting out of the Dome this season, plus Barbie will also fall into the abyss, so as that makes three people, I'm thinking it's not them who get lucky...]

The teens head out to the lake (where it's strangely not dusty), and touch hands to make the submerged egg glow. They take it home, touch it, and an obelisk-type object is created from pink stars. Melanie says there's something like that in her hometown of Zenith. [which they can't get to, so...?]
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