Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Switched at Birth: Is There a Future?

Oh my goodness, the next episode has the girls graduating from high school! Time flies! The worst part about looking at next week, though, is the fact that it's a season finale for a drama that has not yet been renewed. A holiday episode has been promised, but there's a chance that will have to function as a wrap-up for the series, which would make me sad. Seventy episodes isn't a bad life, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I was hoping we were only half-way through the series' lifespan. The numbers are down this season, ABC Family has a lot of other hits (Pretty Little Liars is getting two more seasons) and potential hits at the moment (though not Chasing Life!), and fans have been railing the show for its depictions of Daphne this season. Do you want to keep following the characters or have you had it with this program?

Switched at Birth "The Girl on the Cliff" (S03E20): Bay tells Regina, Kathryn, and John about Daphne's behavior lately, getting her sister grounded through Prom. [I keep forgetting that not everyone knew about Regina and the gun!] She's only allowed to go to school and the clinic, but while at work, she is given the keys to retrieve some locked-up drugs during an emergency, and takes the opportunity to pilfer a bottle of oxycodone. [I'm really disappointed in Daphne right now!] She decides to pour it down the sink just as she's about to take it, but she's caught when the inventory is off at work, getting her fired. To make matters worse, local ATM footage shows Nacho was at the work site the night it was vandalized, and Regina learns that Daphne was as well. Regina tells Wes the truth, even if it means trouble for her daughter. [gutsy move!] Daphne takes off without her phone, so when Regina calls the clinic and learns Daphne was fired, she panics. She, John, and Kathryn head off to search for Daphne, and Kathryn finds her near Angelo's condo, beside a small shrine to the man. She admits that she never applied to Northwestern, and everything in her life sucks. [I wonder if the writers never intended for her to actually apply, or if they just abused the fact that she hadn't received an acceptance/rejection yet to throw that in.]

The night Daphne goes missing is Prom night, to which Bay wears a tux. Well, let's back up a little. Emmett still feels so bad about what happened last Prom, he campaigns for he and Bay to be named King and Queen. [...and they win?? the counselor's son is that popular??] Then, he books a limo for them, Travis & MaryBeth, and Natalie & Hilary. [aside from the recent Ditch Day, we haven't seen Natalie in FOREVER! why would she be in on the limo with them??] But, when Carlton institutes a dressed-for-girls-and-suits/tuxes-for-guys rule, things start to fall apart, as Hilary doesn't want to wear a dress. When Bay tells Regina that she feels privileged to not have to fight for who she is, Regina suggests she help out her friend with her "royal power." So, Bay decides to dress in pants and a shirt and jacket, as do Marybeth, Hilary, and Natalie. [power in numbers is such a hit-or-miss thing, though...] 
When they're not let in and question why, a teacher says that they're dressed as freaks, so they walk away. [omg.] Emmett still wants Bay to go home, change, and have a great night, but she wants to stick to her principles, so they create their own alternative Prom outside. [and this is where I have a ton of questions... why doesn't Toby DJ for them if his fraternity gig shut down early? where'd they get all the decorations at the last minute? did anyone else think the quick inclusion of Sharee and Matthew was overly forced??]
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