Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mistresses: Charades is a Great Title

Seriously? Joss just moved in with Scott two episodes ago, and only met him seven episodes ago. Plus, she clearly has issues to work through over her feelings for her former brother-in-law! I'm not sure if I'm rolling my eyes harder at this or at how quickly Dom and Savi have fallen apart AGAIN. Throw in Karen's dumb professional decisions and April's unrealistic storyline and I question why I watch this show! Who out there is enjoying the charades being put on by this drama?

Mistresses "Charades" (S02E10): Joss is meeting Scott's family for a birthday celebration, and Harry scares her into worrying about it. She panics that her gift isn't good enough, so Scott tells her to just put her name on his card. [iPad, huh? interesting gift.] When they get there, Joss is warmly welcomed, and Scott's mother even gives her some soap. It's not long after the party that Scott proposes.
Anna stays the night at Karen's, then heads off to her waitressing job. Another day, Anna calls Karen while having a panic attack, and Karen heads to the girl's studio apartment. [cute dress on Karen!] She takes Anna to the hospital, then back to her own place, not wanting Anna to return to squalor. [interesting that Jacob finds it endearing that Karen can't separate her personal life from her professional life.]

Savi tells Dom that she realizes she needs to work on being loved without being needed, and they agree to work things out. [seriously??] Then, Dom and Toni talk about keeping what happened a secret, but she tells HR that she was sexually harassed, and Dom must attend a seminar, as a pattern has developed. [ha!] Savi learns about it all, of course, and their relationship is back on the rocks. [I'm surprised that she and Toni were able to stay so quiet while passing one another at the office!]

April is confronted by the guy who was previously stalking her: an FBI agent trying to get information about Domingo, a drug dealer in Miami whom Paul works for. They want Paul to testify, but he backed out of the deal, and April must get his contact info to the FBI after she next hears from him. Karen suspects that April is being bugged, and contacts George, the PI she used with the Elizabeth situation. It turns out, the house has multiple bugs, including in Lucy's bedroom. [wow!] April marches down to the FBI office to confront the agent, but learns that Daniel also works for the FBI. [I'm struggling to believe this shenanigan now.]
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