Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Under the Dome: The Truth about The Abyss

Every single time this show begins and the audience hears Mike Vogel's voice say it's been two weeks since the Dome came down, I cringe. Why? Because the second season premiere mentioned it had been three weeks, and the inconsistency kills me. There are so many intricacies to track with this series, why let a little thing like that slip? Especially when the date is clearly being recorded in parts of the project - the billboard in Zenith showed it was Dome Day 17. Also, now that we've seen Pauline's painting of a red door that's on Barbie's father's property, I've written off my interest for her predictions, which is pretty directly related to what the show is thriving upon at this point. Six episodes to go this season, and who knows how much ground to cover... literally, as the size of the show's universe just expanded to, well, the world.  
Under the Dome "Going Home" (S02E07): Junior doesn't believe that Sam committed suicide, so Barbie decides to rappel down to find Sam's body, as the scratches will prove he killed Angie. But, as a flare doesn't hit the ground, a laser pointer can't reach across the abyss, and a compass spins, the situation is more dangerous than the group once believed. [so, like, we're at the North Pole?] As Barbie goes down, the anchor rips from the boulder, and he cuts himself loose to avoid Julia and Rebecca being pulled over with him. Joe sends down a quad-copter, and the last part of the recording shows it landed at a playground in Zenith. Junior, Melanie, and the egg arrive, and the egg confirms that Zenith is out over the abyss. [only a mind like Stephen King's could even come up with this stuff!]

In Zenith, Barbie goes to his place, but it's been staked out by the crew he was working for when the Dome came down. Barbie heads to his home, but he's almost immediately followed by the crew he was doing a job for when the Dome went down. [how long were they just gonna stalk the place?] They demand he finish, but he gets out of it by leading them to his father's home and dialing a panic code into the alarm system. [risky move!] Barbie then asks the man to get him to the Dome so he can send a message to Julia, but Barbie's deceased mother already had the VIP pull a lot of strings. Still, he's willing to help his son.

Meanwhile, Sam visit Pauline at the psychiatric institute, where Lyle is in a trance repeating Melanie's name. [creepy!] Sam tell Pauline about Melanie's resurrection.

Back in Chester's Mill, BigJim threatens Rebecca after she and Julia lie about Barbie's whereabouts. He decides to organize a memorial service with the aim to put himself back in power.[no real surprise there!]
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