Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Feeling Bad

It's sad to see Kailyn having such a difficult time with baby Lincoln, but I'm glad she's going to get some help with his latching. It's also sad to see Adam not caring about a promise he made to his daughter, even if it was only a sports practice. Not much going on with Leah, other than seeing Ali work on maneuvering her wheelchair more, though at least is seems viewers may see the little girl with it out and about soon. And that leaves Jenelle, who is still trying to get free from Courtland and have a baby of her own, which I think many are still wary of watching.

Teen Mom 2 "Family Matters" (S05E19):
Leah is doing better with her medication modification. Ali has a physical therapy appointment, and Corey's dad takes her so Leah can work. [but she's home both before and after Ali goes.] Corey is also starting to understand the benefits of the device, and plans to bring it with them on an upcoming family zoo trip.
Chelsea gets her own workspace and sets her own schedule. Aubree starts playing softball, and Adam is supposed to come watch the first practice, but he is so late he misses the whole thing. [ugh.]

Jenelle has been separated from Courtland for a year now, so she begins divorce proceedings. This will include getting a paternity test to prove the father of her baby is Nathan. 

Kailyn facetimes with Javi. Isaac has an art show at school, so Kailyn's mom, Jo, and Vi are all going, and then get to see where Kailyn's living afterward. 
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