Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Problems with Pets, Money, and Time

I'm not a pet person, so I can understand how Jenelle gets sick of taking care of dogs that don't obey her. However, I was taken aback when she started yelling at them, dragging them across the floor, and opening their cages in hopes that they'd run away. My eyebrows sank back to their usual position when the PSA ran about getting pet services, though, so I'm glad that the series addressed that! Listening to her drone on about how rough she has it (don't forget, she's not publicly "working") is pretty obnoxious, and I'm scared to see her as a full-time parent when Kaiser is born! It is interesting to watch her interact with Jace, though.
Teen Mom 2 "Harder Than it Looks" (S05E17): For Kailyn, it's mid-March (her birthday is March 14th), but there aren't other clear markers for when the others are taped.

Jenelle: Nathan is in jail, and Barbara lets Jace spend the weekend with Jenelle. [I wonder what else they did together?] She's struggling to handle school, the dogs, and parenting all at once, especially when she must clean up the pets' messes and build new crates. She yells at the animals, lets them out of their crates, and hopes the "bad one" runs away, then continues complaining about the messes she has to clean. 

Leah: Her doctor lowers the dosage on her anxiety medication, and we learn one of the sources of that stress: she's invested a small fortune to become a Mary Kay consultant. [we know it's at least $3,000, but I suspect more like $5,000, given that a basic kit is $1800.] She apparently hasn't been upfront with Jeremy about this, as she has to request a credit extension at the store to afford $3,024.50 for a new washer and dryer. These are apparently for their new two-bedroom apartment, as they're selling their house and moving a lot of stuff to storage. Oh, and now Leah thinks maybe she'll go to cosmetology school someday.

Kailyn: She's turning 22, her friend dyes her hair, and Javi's parents are watching Lincoln for the night. [she got her braces off, too, apparently.] She isn't sure what she wants to do, but after Javi misunderstands that Kailyn needs to feed Lincoln and she winds up an hour late to her own dinner, he joins her and her friends at the club. [apparently Kailyn has NEVER been to a club before?] Also, Javi gets his eyebrows waxed.

Chelsea: Her lawyer has filed a response to the Department of Labor, but she's got bigger concerns... Adam's in trouble. Not only is he facing a possible two years in jail because he racked up five misdemeanor charges in relation to a car accident (reckless driving, revoked license, suspended license, no insurance, unregistered vehicle), but he still might be driving around with Aubree in the car. [he has both a suspended and a revoked license?] Plus, he's moved out of Taylor's and into his own place. [ouch. so how is Aubree going to see Paislee?]
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