Thursday, July 31, 2014

Teen Mom 2: The Kids > The Parents

I don't know about you, but in times like these when the teen mothers aren't doing anything all that interesting (with the possible exception of Chelsea trying to start a new job), it would be nice to see more of the kids. What is school like for Ali? We hear about Jace acting out but maybe we could observe him some more. What is Isaac's education like? I understand that maybe some of the moms are a little more protective than others (which is why we only see Aubree's class on the regular), but if it's not a privacy issue, I think that would be more interesting to viewers than seeing Jenelle cry about Nathan going to jail or Kailyn prepare to solo-parent for a while.
Teen Mom 2 "When Everything Seems Wrong" (S05E15):
Leah: Ali's in some pain, and the medical insurance company denies their claim for the $20,000 wheelchair. Corey isn't calling constantly, and Leah is experiencing some anxiety and depression over the entire situation. [calling constantly probably wouldn't help anyway.]

Jenelle: She has started school to become a medical assistant. [this is her fourth attempt at higher education, correct?] Nathan will be heading to jail a week sooner than expected, and Jenelle suggests he stop drinking (especially in the middle of the day), because he tends to make poor decisions.

Kailyn: Isaac is turning 4, and is really tired and cranky at his party. [poor kid.] Javi has four weeks of training in Texas coming up.

Chelsea: She can't work at all until she gets her license, and a resolution is taking longer to reach than expected, so she's stressed moving into her new house. Her friend Chelsey is moving in, too. [and those pesky dogs.]

Teen Mom 2 "Overload" (S05E16): Paislee is six months old now.
Leah: She gets on medication for her anxiety, but suffers drowsiness. She really wants to get Ali's wheelchair, and asks Ali's physical therapist what to do. After they find out why the claim was denied, they can challenge each of the reasons. [makes sense.]

Jenelle: She's still going to school, and Nathan heads to court, where he'll be escorted to jail. [seriously, does ANYONE watch this show to see what Jenelle's up to??!?]

Kailyn: She wants to see inside Jo's house to know more about where Isaac goes, and she's able to put the past drama with Vee behind her in the process. [this should be interesting going forward...] 

Chelsea: Adam has pictures taken with Taylor, Aubree, and Paislee. Randy gets Chelsea a lawyer to solve her working situation, though all he does at this point is write a letter. [sensible starting place.]  
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