Monday, September 22, 2014

Girl Meets World: Generations of Friends

I wasn't the biggest fan of the Boy Meets World episodes where they traveled back in time (and I can think of three of them!). Therefore, maybe it's no surprise that I was left unimpressed with this episode, which brought the kids to 1961 (Boy Meets World took two swings at the 1940s and one at the 1950s). Furthermore, the revelation that Farkle, Maya, Riley, and Lucas's ancestors all met is beyond absurd... we know Farkle and Riley both have families who hail from Philly, and Lucas is fresh from Texas. But, contrived plots aside, I liked where the storyline came from, as Cory assigning a living history assignment makes more sense than a freak microwave accident or a cat with a magical ball (there was a Sabrina crossover causing the time travel once). Overall, I think the biggest downfall of this episode is having it so early in the run... audiences still want to get to know the characters, not their ancestral incarnations!
Girl Meets World "Girl Meets 1961" (S01E09): The kids aren't caring about Cory's 1960s history class, so he tries to get them to realize that every little decision makes a difference. They then need to interview older people and give reports about the sixties. Riley gets her maternal great-grandmother's journal, and learns that "Rosie McGee" was a beatnik who frequented Ginsberg's coffeeshoppe, owned by Farkle's family. ["chick. down here I'm a chick" seems to be something Riley strives for, as she says the same thing the first time she takes the subway without her parents.] Maya descends from a Maya Clutterbucket, a free spirit who seems like a lying depressed sneak, and Lucas has a country-western great-grandfather named Merlin who was a singer who wound up in jail. [Topanga Canyon!]

A notable similarity to the original series: The kids sit in Cory's class early, asking what they're going to learn today - Cory, Shawn, and Topanga once headed to Feeny's class when they didn't need to be there, wanting more of the man's knowledge passed on.
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