Saturday, September 20, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Softball, Summer Plans, Custody, New Baby

This particular spin-off of 16 and Pregnant really follows the statistics. Jenelle now has a second child (within five years of the first), Leah has three under 5, Aubree's dad fathered a second daughter, and Kailyn has two sons before she's 22. I probably should have figured this out before, and not been surprised, but I was caught off-guard when I thought about it today. Of course, Kailyn's maturity is ten times that of Adam, and Leah comes off as a far superior mother compared to Jenelle, so the individual stories remain unique as can be. I do hope that Isaac's time with Jo is seen on the show, and if Corey gets custody, we see more of his parenting as well. 

Teen Mom 2 "Summer Daze, Summertime Sadness" (S05E22): It's clearly summer, probably June. 
Chelsea: She gives Aubree a mini facial. [why?] Adam is seeing a new girl, Jessica, and brings her to Aubree's softball game. [I like how Chelsea's dad's company sponsors the team, LoL.]
Kailyn: During the summer, Jo gets Isaac for six weeks, which is a problem for Kailyn's beach vacation plans. She also worries about routine, as she gets Isaac to bed by 7:30, but Jo barely manages 8:45. [that sounds really late for a four-year-old! I remember thinking my second-grade friend was super cool because her bedtime was 9pm!]

Leah: Her lawyer sends Corey documents asking for more money and medical authority over Ali. Ali has missed two therapy appointments. Leah cuts her hair short and can't decide how she feels about it. [her hair changes so often, who cares?!?]

Jenelle: She wants to have Jace during the week. She and Nathan get into yet another fight, and he won't help set-up the baby shower because he's upset. [eye roll.] Soon, she also storms out, upsetting Barbara. [eh. Barbara should expect this from her daughter at this point.]

Teen Mom 2 "Co-parenthood" (S05E23): It's still summer, and late June for Jenelle, who welcomed Kaiser on June 30th.
Chelsea: Aubree is at Taylor's to see Paislee, and Chelsea asks Taylor to stop posting pictures of Aubree online. [good for Chelsea.] Adam brings a different girl to Aubree's next softball game. [ha!]

Leah: Corey continues to fight for more custody of the girls, wanting 50/50. [I'm curious as to whether he'll get it? I also wonder in general why more parents don't want a similar arrangement...]

Kailyn: Isaac has a trampoline that he uses with the dog. Kailyn plans to finish college.

Jenelle: She has her baby shower. Her water breaks, and she drives to the hospital before her contractions start. [hahaha, I forget Nathan can't drive!] She has a natural childbirth. [does her probation prevent her from having drugs?] Nathan stays up making bottles so Jenelle can sleep.
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