Saturday, October 4, 2014

Girl Meets World: Trio of Halloween Stories

Riley has learned to flirt sometime since the third episode. Unfortunately, seeing Riley pretend not to know how to put on a softball glove brought back memories of me faking similar confusion... in fifth grade. It was spring, we were doing an art project, and a boy I was crushing on was excelling at his... so I waited until he came by my side of the classroom and then mixed up my pieces and loudly exclaimed that I couldn't figure it out and needed help. Of course the girl next to me immediately jumped in to assist, and when I tried to explain my plan, it took her a moment to understand my game. Later that day (this was an ongoing art project after you finished each subject's work), I tried again, and he fell for it. I was pleased with my scheme and the attention he gave me for a minute or so... anyway, let's get to the episode...

Girl Meets World "Girl Meets World: Of Terror" (S01E11): Auggie hosts three mini-stories with a Halloween theme, the cutest of which is about his own fear of the monster under the bed. Cory and Topanga want Auggie to learn to sleep alone, but even the plush Mr. Googly isn't enough to soothe the boy. In fact, he learns that the monster under his bed has his own stuffed animal - Mr. Blobbity. Once the kids get to talking, it becomes clear that Auggie is no longer scared, and the monster must move on. [cute, but would have been better if there had been a scene in a previous episode where Auggie was afraid, to demonstrate that this has been a recurring issue for the kid.]
Farkle tries to avoid gym class (it's softball week), but when Cory forces him to go, Farkle decides to try get in the others' heads. It works on Maya but not on Lucas, who proceeds to throw the ball at him to teach him not to be afraid. [kinda old-fashioned and boring, no?] This is also the part where Riley takes advantage of the sport to spend time with Lucas.

Riley is afraid to stay the night at Maya's, but Cory convinces her to try it (again). [this whole "call to come home in the middle of the night" thing has happened on a few television shows over the years (everything from The Cosby Show to Bob's Burgers), and I've never understood it... are kids REALLY not excited enough about a slumber party that they'd rather come home and sleep like every other night??] Every little thing scares her, including Maya's Gammy. [Riley asked Cory to DRIVE her to Maya's? are we not in Manhattan anymore?]

[on a side note, I believe this is the first episode in the series where I didn't notice any huge similarities to Boy Meets World... did you catch anything?] 
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